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  1. Chicken and rice with green beans, creamed corn and cornbread. HB.
  2. THHoneybear


    We need info...............Please........... HB.
  3. I had a hamburger steak on the grill, and steamed broccoli with cauliflower.Garlic tost and sweet tea.
  4. I am in Hiram and heard something about 10 minutes ago. Sounded like a large explosion. HB.
  5. White female from Douglas Co. has shot herself and her husband at Taylor farm park. Rescue in route.
  6. I think someone just called the SO on them.Caller said they have been hearing organs and bells for several days now.LOL I wonder if they will tell them what it is,or mabey they have been on something,and think they hearing them.LOL
  7. Realy,I wonder what the cop will tell them. It`s just the Haunted junk yard hayride. LOL
  8. I keep hearing all kinds of weird sounds coming from that place. It all started several months ago,I think someone moved in, soon I started Hearing lots of hammering and sawing,chopping and grinding going on up there. Now for about two weeks or so,I have been hearing even more strange sounds,more hammering and banging and now I hear people screaming, sounds like their murdering people up there,I think i even heard a gun shot once.Really!! If I can get up the courage,I think i` ll kind of drop in up there this weekend to see whats going on.Maybe I will make it out alive. LO
  9. 8 pm utill 12:00 They have a very nice Karaoke system, and it`s a great place for families. http://www.birdieswings3.com/
  10. I`m not sure the child ran away again last night or not. It was a call to an officer to go to a home where a child was missing and had been seen walking with a back pack and the clothing was described as well. Shortly after-wards, another officer said the child had been found and returned to the parents earlier in the day. BUT,why was it announced AGAIN, many hours after he had been found?? If anyone can get to the scanner archives, they may be able to make some sense of it. Because they use Nextels so much now days,it is hard to make heads or tails of some calls. HB.
  11. If there are any peppers on my plants,I`ll bring them. I did just give away a whole bag full Sunday,so i am not sure what is ready to pick this soon. HB.
  12. Birdies wings/ sports bar in Hiram.Family Oriented. Thursday - Trivia / Karaoke Friday - Karaoke. Pretty good food also. There are a few more,I just have to remember where. HB.
  13. I just edited my post, there must have been a mix up with some one. Check the archives this REALY happened on the scanner just now ,as i said!!! Hell, i thought mabe he ran away again or what every happend. HB.
  14. I just heard the call at APR. 11:40 pm tonight. The name caught my attention is why i posted.I have a little more info,not much though. EDIT- more info from officer at hart rd. child was supposedly turned over to parents and is no longer missing. Another officer said the child is not missing and to relay the message.12:05 am. If anyone can get the archives on the scanner that is what was just said. HB.
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