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  1. Just draw the districts in the future with a non-partisan commission. Forget the past.
  2. rbpls

    Farmers market

    Yes, Dallas, old courthouse, saturday 8am to about 12.
  3. Copper (set in 1860s New York) Larva (?) cartoon shorts first season is great; others not (kids section, very worthwhile for adults...safe for kids) The foreign language series of 3 movies: re: Girl who kicked the hornets nest (Daniel Craig english language version of one in the series is pretty good too) Bomb Girls (Canadian, WW2 era) Call the Mid-Wife (British, worth a shot) Several others already mentioned: The Killing, Longmire, Hell on Wheels, etc I didn't last long with Sons of Anarchy either. Ted Talks (search through subjects, try a few with an open mind (g
  4. We should still repeal and replace Obamacare but only if it is replaced with a well designed single-payer system. Any real conservative would be pushing for that. It is a real indicator as to whether someone is both knowledgeable and actually conservative. If you aren't for that, you are either unaware of the implications or very much NOT a fiscal conservative. It would be a huge economic boost for this country. It would save trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of American lives.
  5. It could have worked and would have worked except for the power of the profiteers in our system. Vermont would have been forced to keep 2 systems instead of just a single-payer system. If your question is serious, and you actually seek truth on the subject, you will find that single-payer, in many flavors, saves live and money all over this world. It isn't just Vermont where love of money wins over what is more morally and fiscally superior. I subsidize you every day... and vice-versa. Nothing wrong with society providing an environment conducive to commerce and "the general welfare."
  6. Could be that cockroaches win out if we screw ourselves and our little planet enough.
  7. Remember the couple that fought constantly? When Andy got them to be nice to one another, they started being mean as hell to everyone else! Not coincidentally, they were one of the married couples in Mayberry.
  8. The Civil War was about slavery. Many speeches by high ranking Confederate officials prove they believed it was about slavery and the inferior nature of black people. It was also about treason. The very best Confederate flag was the White flag they wave after they had their asses kicked. I say this as a proud southern native and life long resident. I don't have to proud of shameful things just because I am a true Southerner. Those assholes caused 600,000 Americans to die and catastrophic damage to this nation. It was treason.
  9. The way most people discuss "theory" implies they believe a theory is more like a thought that is not even to the stage of being a good serious hypothesis. When something becomes a scientifically valid theory, enough evidence and facts have been tested to cause scientists believe it is true. It can still be tested and that testing usually provides additional verification to make it more solid to believe the theory is true. Peaches is beyond most folks who are in this discussion and I understand her frustration.
  10. Much of the Theory of Relativity has been proven to be true. For instance, time passage can actually be slowed and the speed of light in a vacuum can't be slowed or sped up. Particles that have a very definite known time of existence can have their "lifetime" lengthened by causing the particle to move very fast. The amount of lengthened existence is accurately predicted by the math derived from Einstein's theory.
  11. Evolution is real. Mass extinctions are real too. We are very likely in or beginning a mass extinction right now. Evolution doesn't magically cause sufficient quick enough adaptation. Losing the ability to acquire food could be pretty problematic if say massive amounts of our croplands become sort of desert like.
  12. West Georgia Spy-Neuter in Villa Rica will fix feral male or female cats plus 2 vacs for $25. They must be brought in a live trap. They can be released and will become less aggressive. They clip the tip of the left ear so you can tell they have been fixed from a distance. A can of mackerel works better than cat food.
  13. The Paulding Tunnels are more real than Obama's imminent invasion of Texas.
  14. He finds trouble repeatedly basically he is an asshole. With a better man than Zimmerman that night, Trayvon, with his faults, would probably still be alive, probably in college, and possibly developing into a much better human being than Zimmerman has been so far. Instead, Zimmerman was there.
  15. Single-payer JUST LIKE NEARLY EVERY OTHER BIG BOY COUNTRY ON EARTH. Decades of success for billions of people who would be horrified to think of trading what they have for what we have here. Before or after Obamacare.
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