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  1. Seeking caregiver for elderly woman with disabilities in home. Full time 40+ hrs Monday-Friday. Please message me for more details if interested.
  2. Ok thanks for the input. Very expensive ! How did everyone pay for caregiver?
  3. I am looking for a caregiver for my 79 yr old mother. She has advanced Parkinson's and slight dementia. This would be in my home 8-5 sometimes 6pm. If interested please on me your qualifications and rates. This position would start in next two weeks. Must have own transportation and subject to criminal background check. This would be Monday-Friday.
  4. I agree C&G Automotive - Marty is great and honest! Once he did the math wrong on my bill and overcharged me . I hadn't even noticed , he called me apologized profusely and sent me a check! Now how's that for honest!
  5. Hope Floats


    Does anyone know if DMV anywhere close is open today?
  6. Yes she has tried tracking but no luck yet. It has a pass code and it won't track if it's not on. They make the employees park in the back and she doesn't have assigned parking, you park where there's a space.
  7. The restaurant did have security camera and the smash and grab was captured. Images are blurry but working on it. Her car was locked but doesn't help much when they bust the window. The car insurance will cover the damage to the car but not the contents stolen. That is under homeowners with 1000 deductible. Maybe everybody that she serves tonight will give her fat tips! She's so depressed and upset with herself. Bless her heart!
  8. I put out a warning for fellow citizens, I did not ask for advice. I also didn't reduce myself to name calling. I leave that to the fifth graders! Just a concerned Mom and a thankful one that nothing more serious happened.
  9. While I realize you are speaking the truth I hope you might also realize you could show a little compassion or concern for a fellow human being instead of your "oh well" attitude or is this how you get your jollies by kicking someone when their down?
  10. We don't need a lesson in what she should have done. She normally is very good at not leaving things in car, however, she was running on just a few hours sleep and was in a hurry to get into the restaurant to work. She feels bad enough without everyone shaking their fingers at her. Apparently this type crime has happened several times in same lot. She made a mistake and it will cost her greatly. I'm quite sure she won't make it again. Hopefully they will get caught.
  11. I want everyone to please be careful. Family members car window was shattered last night by thieves in parking lot in Hiram for a bookbag. Police said there has been a rash of this since December. She lost all her college books, iPad, and wallet. She never leaves anything in her car and the one time she did she is robbed. I'm thankful she wasn't hurt. She is devastated. She works so hard and goes to school full time to better herself, works for everything she has , and some thief just takes it. I hope they catch whomever did it and I hope I'm in the courtroom when the thieves get sentenced and have to listen to the hardship you have placed on your undeserving victims!
  12. He actually pulled a fast one and showed up at home Wednesday night !!!! Sooo happy to have my son home and healthy!!
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