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  1. Not once! I was prepared and disappointed that she didn't ask.
  2. My interview went well and, if the manager will approve what I'm asking for as far as pay, I will get the job! Crossing my fingers!! Thanks for the good luck wishes. Glassdog, I'm sorry I hi-jacked your thread. I hope your family member / friend gets their resume' in line and finds a new job quickly!!
  3. Thanks for the awesome information! I have a job interview this morning and I will use the present-past-future formula if they ask me to tell them about myself. My first job interview in 29 years. I'm scared/nervous!!!!!!!
  4. I think there are services on the internet who will do this, like Indeed or CareerBuilder.
  5. No, I don't know anyone, but good luck to them. I am losing my job of 29 years as of 10/27/17. I have a billion resume's out and, so far, no calls.
  6. what's yer problem? I've been lilstening to Christmas music since July.....
  7. What do you mean by setting up. Do you mean road blocks/checks?
  8. Gina

    Fall colors?

    Is this called "bag worms"? I have noticed a lot of these around, too.
  9. $2.39 at BP in Powder Springs this morning.
  10. Has anyone else noticed the leaves on trees changing already? There are several in my neighborhood that are turning. I thought I was seeing things but I looked close last night and my neighbor's maple tree has red/yellow at the top of it. Kind of early. Maybe because we haven't had any rain lately?
  11. I think that was called "tavern cheese". My dad loved it!
  12. We also had Sanders Construction do our master bath remodel. If I knew how to add pictures, I would show you what an awesome job they did. They have done every fix it/construction job at our house and Doug is coming over on Sunday to discuss replacing the banisters on our stairs.
  13. I think the ad looks like a Big Lots.
  14. I iron the clothes I wear to work every day. I like to iron. Some people I work with could use an iron run across their clothes. They look wrinkled and tacky.
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