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  1. Actually Surepips widow is reading over my shoulder and we both cracked up about your gnawing your arm off
  2. It is very hard to portray emotional intent through the written word. This is why not everyone is a publishable writer and we have emoticons.
  3. 8Chan Refugees Blow Their Anonymity Refugees from the anonymous 8chan forum are flooding into a new censorship-resistant home on the dark web, and inadvertently giving up their anonymity along the way. A reincarnated version of the hate-filled forum, now linked to three mass shootings, appeared Monday when the original 8chan lost its hosting service. The new site, called 08chan (with a leading zero), has no affiliation with the original and it’s not entirely clear who set it up, but 8chan’s diaspora have been flooding in as word of the site spreads through right-wing social media.
  4. You are in wonderland dear. Just wait and see.
  5. This was the site I found yesterday before you posted. I chose to use my own words to express my thoughts. I am interested in what you have to say. https://www.bustle.com/articles/183209-15-quotes-about-censorship-and-the-danger-of-banning-books
  6. Why do you use others to represent your thoughts and opinions? Just curious. These are memes not real communication. For these specifically you have to respect the person it is attributed to carry weight. Second none of these memes are specific to the issue of rhetoric and the current consequences of rhetoric being promoted as fact. Rhetoric is a well known means of controlling people through brain science. You can organically change the brain by using a high level of emotion when imparting information. Should decent people ask that rhetoric be censored?
  7. Please take the time to read the entire article. The information contained in it impacts our taxes. My take away from this article, Those of us that remember the pre-reccession building boom then the actual recession understood some truths that may have been forgotten. Our county was hit especially hard due to home builders reigning as the king of industry here. We were still required by state law to build schools for the children that recently moved to Paulding. We found later that most of the prime real estate in Paulding had gone to residential development. After that much of our infrastructure and prime real estate went to retail and restaurant neither of which impacts our tax digest in any significant way. It was brought to our attention that our lack of industrial growth had left us in pretty bad shape. It looks like to me that we are vulnerable to being in the same predicament endlessly. The way that this article reads they can create plans, have discussions with the BOE, IBA and any other department effected by their zoning and land use decisions, but there is no law that restricts their ultimate decision. So we just trust that we have elected people to the BOC to make the best decision rather than create laws that make them seek agreement from other county entities that are allowed to tax us, and in-debt us to meet the needs of our citizens. I have to say the lack of law here concerns me greatly. It leaves a lot of room for suspicion of motivation when these decisions are made. It pushes accountability in tidy little circle that lacks true accountability.
  8. PAULDING County leaders agree on need for closer collaboration on growth's impact on schools Please click to read the entire article on the west Georgia neighbor. The Paulding County Commission chairman and school district superintendent agreed they want to continue discussing how their two departments can better collaborate on location of new residential areas. Carmichael said he wants county government and school district administrators to informally meet for an “exchange of ideas.” “Bottom line … we are committed to collaborating together to achieve greater success,” he said. The county school board recently approved placing on the Nov. 5 ballot renewal of the countywide 1% Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for education, in part to generate funds to build a new middle school and add to existing schools to relieve overcrowding in northeast Paulding schools. The document included a section on desired future land use but only guides commissioners’ future decision-making on zoning and does not legally require them to follow it..
  9. I actually read that. I think he could write a horror story about how it has played out in America the last decade.
  10. It is about that time of day we may see some temporary things and some may go back.
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    The password is march
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    For which forum?
  13. There may be some issues beyond the control of the IBA that make this a bad idea, I am looking into it.
  14. There is a line where less than 1% don't know it when they see it. I think the term and the definition of inflammatory does more to deflect some speech before it comes in range of hate and may be the best we can do as a society. One thing is clear we can't be clutching the term slippery slope like a strand of heirloom pearls because it is not benefiting our society anymore and it only benefits individuals in a debate.
  15. I don't want this poll to be specifically political the question is more in general. I will ask moderators to poof those comments or new threads to make specific political comment. This is about how our country is responding to the lack of censorship that encourages hate. This is my first poll so I may need to make changes. I also want to know how it is received locally and how it specifically impacts Paulding.com in this context that is why some questions are specific. I believe we fundamentally feel different about how things effect us locally. Of course I could be wrong.
  16. Commissioner wants Paulding studio money paid to county even if not required A county commissioner says he supports an economic development agency giving the Paulding government millions of dollars from the sale of a movie studio because the county repaid part of the financing used to build it. Commissioner Ron Davis of Post 1 said he wants the Paulding County Industrial Building Authority to give the $4 million from the sale of its film studio to the county government which has been repaying the bonds used to finance its construction for three years. Commission Chairman Dave Carmichael, who is a member of the building authority, said he favored the authority using the money to build new industrial space to attract more companies to the county. Paulding County owes more than $6 million on the original $7.9 million bond the building authority issued with the county government’s backing in 2011 Please click through to read the complete article.
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    march There will be a sister forum soon. As Cape pointed out there is some testing of the sleek new board and trying to just keep it between the ditches before he gives it any gas
  18. Please tell me I am not banned, how will I feed my addiction without p.com
  19. I am gonna end up banned pretty quick. I better get in my imaginary caddy and get out of here
  20. Those rules would do away with conspiracies. drama, suspicions, what about the little mind games? no condescension, no sarcasm? Nobody comes to p.com to talk about puppies, kittens and flowers. This is where people get down and dirty and point fingers at everyone else. Where will people go to have fun? It's like closing down the skating rink for heavens sake. Who will stalk me when there is no more political forum to bring people here. I guess I will have to go to FB and be civilized bluhhh
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