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  1. I am handing out spankings are you bending over
  2. Why would you bring the president into this? Please quit making everything about politics. Don't bother to explain why you did please don't do it again. Politics beyond GA are dead on p.com.
  3. My understanding is they put your premiums in the bank and collect interest. When they have to pay our claim they lose interest on that money. That is why they take forever to pay claims. Insurance is suitable for inanimate objects, the company makes profit by investing and paying far fewer claims in some cases through depreciation. With health insurance they only profit is they don't pay claims or pay them fully. There is more than enough money to pay for all the healthcare Americans need when you cut out insurance. A lot of money is diverted through paying for processing instead of paying into the healthcare system with no middleman. I think we are are protected by law from other types of insurance companies doing things with money that can prevent the payment of claims. I think that health insurance is the exception to that they can take their percentage of profit off the front end and then adjust the rates for us and the provider.
  4. I think in the simplest terms possible they are insuring through the state. I think it is a little bit like an insurance company run by the state for people that can not get it any other way, I think they are extremely high risk. He wrote those policies then billed the state for them. Then turned around and ran as commissioner effectively securing his deals or so he thought. I also think the state supplements the policy making the insurance affordable. So the state and homeowner paid the premiums to Beck. I assume it was supposed to go into a fund to pay claims. I am not well versed in this so don't hold me to too much detail.
  5. Georgia Insurance Commissioner wants board members' resignations There is a major shake-up underway at the Office of Insurance and Fire Safety Commission. After six weeks on the job, Georgia's new Insurance Commissioner, John King, has requested the resignation of the entire board of directors of the Georgia Underwriting Association. Governor Kemp suspended the newly elected Beck after the indictment was unsealed. The Governor appointed John King as the new commissioner. Beck pleaded not guilty to the charges. "Those are one of the first tasks the Governor has asked me to work really hard to re-establish that confidence in the public of Georgia in the leadership of this agency," said King. King, former police chief of Doraville and a Major General in the Georgia National Guard, comes to the job with no background in insurance, but with a sharp eye for potential trouble. "Looking at some of the folks that got brought in, they have no business in government service," said King. King has fired some employees and reassigned others. He plans to examine GUA's operations and financial stability, but he is not going to investigate a now two-year-old arson of a property owned by Jim Beck. Earlier the I-Team reported on a number of troubling issues involving the 2017 arson of a Carrollton property owned by Jim Beck. The FOX 5 I-team obtained a copy of Beck's insurance application that showed Beck nearly doubled his insurance coverage, from $95,000 to $186,000 just two weeks before the arson. Beck told us the increase was because of renovations he was doing. "So, because, if for example, if you have an unfinished basement in your home and you finish it you really are under an obligation to tell the insurance company you've done it because you've materially changed what they are insuring," said Beck. An internal memo written by an Insurance Department lawyer at the time, obtained by the I-Team, stated: "We are concerned the insurance could have been obtained under false pretenses" and "GUA did not report suspected insurance fraud." "The allegations are disturbing; the way the case rolled out," said King. King says his Fire Marshal's office, by law, cannot investigate the arson unless they are requested to do so by local law enforcement. He says he believes the Carroll County district attorney and the FBI know the facts of the case. "I'm pretty sure they are aware of those circumstances," said King. Beck has declared his innocence and could return to his old job if a jury finds him not guilty. King says he will be ready to step aside if that happens. "Would you run against him?" I asked. "Absolutely. No doubt in my mind. This agency touches so many Georgians in so many ways, they deserve an ethical, moral leader who will do the right thing every day," said King. Click the link to the entire article
  6. We have gotten word that Paulding Wellstar hospitial has closed it's parking garage due to structural issues. Employees were shuttled from Westridge church today. Tomorrow 08/13/2019 they will shuttle from New seasons church. It is not clear if visitors are using the service at this point. We would appreciate anyone with more information posting here or contact me by clicking my profile picture my number can be found there.
  7. I had to look up a lot of definitions about politics to try and understand what people believed. I was just as lost after I looked it up. I guess the terms are generalized and the blanks are fill in as needed. I don't want to be defined like that.
  8. I still have water, I checked when I saw that!
  9. That is what we want to see. People have differences so there will always be friction and we understand that. 2 subjects always cause friction and and strong emotions. Religion and politics. Our life experiences generally dictate our beliefs in these subjects. Both these things hold a certain amount of control over our lives. When people disagree with our views on these subjects it effects us so deeply we feel threatened. When we feel threatened we fight. For some it is a game of semantics for others it is deadly serious.
  10. People are leaving because of the political forum and leaving because it is leaving very rational. Nobody here has any interest in being here other than being destructive. Why don't yall make a lunch date with G.Patten Hughes and have your discussion. He no longer owns the site nor has control of it. Yall make a date have at it but this is no longer a playground for anyone interested in discussing national politics or being nasty to one another. Yall made it clear.
  11. It does not fit into the new business model especially since it destroyed the old one.
  12. There was going to be an effort to do 2 new forums. Across the community b hundreds we have been told that it was the reason people left and why they will never come back. There are some national political forums that feel no accountability for the consequences of hosting politics. On the other hand it impacted this county by destroying any hope for local news, affordable advertising for mom and pops, and opportunities to help local people in a timely manner. The discussion of politics is never worth the human toll it is taking. The new owners believe better communities are built by people being aware and taking part in local politics and elections.
  13. My guess is a guard checking him accidentally dropped something from his pocket. It just happened to be a poison that is undetectable after 24 hrs. There is an offshore bank account that has grown very fat somewhere. I believe he committed suicide, just not without help.
  14. LPPT

    Macland Road

    The most annoying thing about living here for me is how long it takes to get out of the county to get somewhere. I always give myself 1/2 to get out of Paulding. in all directions it takes me at least that long to get to a freeway.
  15. Welcome, if you need assistance just ask anyone around here they all know whats what.
  16. It probably cost less to get guards to look the other way than he spends on clothes in a year.
  17. I have a few those I stuff in sweaters. What a cutey, pie by the way!
  18. I have always said that extreme wealth is more about power than buying or having whatever. It takes a lot of money to buy a true sex slave instead of someone acting as one. I assume that it is a better thrill. I am not shocked by much anymore and would not be surprised to find that bodies were buried due to this type of sex play getting out of hand. I have no sympathy for what happens to people caught in non-consensual sex acts with non adults. Put them all in prison. Too bad the judge that sealed the records is dead and can no longer be punished for his part in this. I now understand the verse that says if your right arm offends you cut it off. We should help sexual predators in that way.
  19. If I get your humor correct we don't see many teeth marks.
  20. I thought this was a different thread I was posting this in. Was this split or am I still not navigating well? I will be glad when they get some of this to look and navigate like the other board. Refreshing and finding navigation is a struggle for me.
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