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  2. Mrshoward, I know Blunt Trauma was in here Aug. 12. Answered a question for me in the thread "Georgia Insurance Commissioner wants board members' resignations" .
  3. I agree! It is a beautiful day, a little hot, but beautiful!
  4. That is a really beautiful picture!
  5. Caped Crusader, did you take the above picture?
  6. Yeah, the mosquitos are bad this time of the year!
  7. I don't see the mosquito? Is it in one of the cloud formations, or are you referring to something else? .
  8. The beautifully orange/pinkish colored sky!
  9. Thanks for offering up that option.
  10. I want to comment on this, but what if the conversation turns political, and/or gets out of hand?
  11. Well, this certainly should be of interest to just about "everyone" in the county. But, the actual meeting doesn't start until about 27:20. Thanks Caped Crusader for posting!
  12. Thanks LPPT and Blunt Trauma! I think I understand a bit more now! But does the Georgia Underwriting Association play a role in our health insurance, also? (I am still unclear on that) I was kinda thinking they were just connected to property insurance.
  13. Insurance is really confusing to me. All I really understand is that I have to pay premiums, and they sure have been going up a lot in recent years.
  14. LPPT, what does the Georgia Underwriting Association do exactly, anyway?
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