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  1. is there anything hidden in the fine print of the flyer?
  2. Is Kimberly assisted living or nursing care?? good luck in your search, but in the mean time, is it possible to have a home nurse or aid?
  3. I've only used the Parking Spot. (the original) ~ Great staff, and you can't miss the bus at the airport - it's covered in spots! I figured that way, I won't forget where I parked don't know where you're going, but have a safe trip!!
  4. some people are just negative no matter what the content. Just because you may not understand, that does not make it any less legit. NPCA - you can find many glitz dresses on ebay! (never tried Craigslist, but I'm sure it would be worth a search also)
  5. too bad she couldn't vacation within the U.S. ~ our economy sure could have used the boost. (New Orleans is great this time of year) ((personally don't care about the personal vacation choices of others, just sharing an opinion on the location))
  6. You were given the information that you wanted to hear. If you choose to believe that, it's your choice. The welfare of the animals has always been the number one concern for all animal rescue groups in the area who have been working with the Paulding shelter. I think it's wonderful that you were given REASONS for these changes. Would you mind sharing them with the rest of us who have tried repeatly to get answers but come out empty handed?
  7. I, for one, wish that one could trust the information given by a county official. I find it hard to believe that one can dispute the facts. Rescues being scared off is just another nail in the coffin of what once was a very humanely run Animal Control facility.
  8. very good post. I know that I had family members question myself and my brother's lack of crying after my dad passed away. could it be that my brother and I were strong for our mother? that we shed our tears in private? that we don't need the world to see our pain? I won't judge this woman, or anyone else for their "lack of emotion" in a situation that I can only imagine in my worst nightmare.
  9. just my opinion, but some people are always on the other end of a camera, so there may not have been regular photos of the stepmom. I know that it would be very difficult for my family to find a current photo of me if needed. I have a 7 yr old. He confuses his days and activities. He's only 7. So if you were to ask him if he saw a classmate on a specific day/time, his answers may not be exact truth. In a child's mind, it's concrete. But it may have been last week. It's heartbreaking. I hope they figure it out soon.
  10. Thanks for the update! I'm happy to hear it - I plan to visit this week.
  11. Please go back and read Pubby's excellent post. I think he nailed it. There have not been any issues or problems given for the change, other than an out of control rat problem that is not being disputed. Noone is against change if it's for the better. Is this change simply for the sake of change? As pubby stated: Can anyone justify these changes? As far as the adoption fees, the $70/cat or $100/dog fees can be broken down depending on the specific pet, but I assure you, there is no large profit. There are many times that money is lost. ALL adoption fees cover vet exp
  12. That's very true. There are purebred only rescues for all types of breeds. There are mix breed resuces for all types of mixes. There are dog only rescues. There are cat only rescues. There are horse rescues. There are reptile rescues. There are rescues that take in the seriously injured and spend thousands per pet. There are rescues that take in highly adoptable so they can have room to rescue more often. There are those that do it from home, those that have big barns. There are rescues in all shapes and sizes - but they all have the same goal. That'
  13. There was no third party? The way it works: If an animal is picked up as a stray, the owner has 72 hrs to recover their pet. IF the pet is chipped, which in this case she was, the AC employee will trace that chip. This employee spent 4 days trying to find this owner's contact info. NOONE dropped the ball here, the issue is that after the 72 hours, the dog was free to leave by whatever means available. That could mean euthansia, adoption, or rescue. The law only requires that a stray be held for 72 hrs. This dog was pulled from an UNVACCINATED shelter environment during parvo season.
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