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Most of my time is spent with my daughter and my boyfriend, both of whom i love more than anything. But here are a few things abuot me :)

*I ramble on and on way too often.

*I think way too much.

*I worry too much.

*I am the most self critical person you will probably ever meet.

*I have very strong opinions and am trying to learn that sometimes it is better to keep it to myself for sake of argument...it seems as though noone can just have a healthy debate these days...

*I have a HUGE heart.

*Im a little flaky but reliable at the same time.

*I enjoy my alone time.

*I have more best friends than one person could ask for.

*I love poetry, thunderstorms, looking at the stars in the middle of the night, serious conversations, anything that challenges my mind.

*Photography absolutely amazes me.

*I believe babies are the best thing to ever happen to this world.

*I am self diagnosed OCD. Really have been meaning to get to a dr about that! lol


That's about it..before i start that rambling thing! Lol. Any questions feel free to ask!

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