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  1. My husband goes to Dr. Jalagani in Cartersville. He had a very bad experience with Dr. Molinary before when he had to have a biopsy on a nodule on his thyroid. After that experience, I learned from a friend of mine who is in remission from thyroid cancer, to avoid any doctors in Dr. Molinary's practice entirely. A family member of my friend works for another doctor and their office won't even refer patients to Molinary or any of the docs that work with her.
  2. I agree that last night's debut was a little rough, but my husband and I love Jimmy Fallon. We think his show is really funny. We especially enjoy how he gets his guests to do things they wouldn't typically do like crazy fun games on the air. I think last night he kept getting choked up because he realizes the legacy of the Tonight Show. The best ones are when he has Justin Timberlake on. Their History of Rap bits are hilarious.
  3. How late are you open today? I have a couple of bags of clothes that I could bring by.
  4. We used this business for our tax prep and I can tell you firsthand that we only are hearing about it now (well, three weeks ago when we took in our documentation for filing) because she never notified anyone until recently (we were notified when my husband went to her office to have the taxes done). Apparently, the thieves came in through a window. And now she has had an alarm installed (gee, thanks). Needless to say, we will have to wait a lot longer for our return and have had to file additional paperwork. We already have Lifelock for all of our family members, but that didn't stop the
  5. We have purchased milk and eggs from there and all I can say is I wish they were closer. Usually milk bothers my stomach, but their raw milk tastes great and doesn't bother my stomach at all. The eggs were delicious as well.
  6. Does anyone know if there is still a problem? This is directly across the street from the entrance to my subdivision. They wouldn't even let us come in here until about 5:30, 6 p.m. yesterday, and for a while weren't letting anyone leave either. I just want to know because I have to take my kids to school soon.
  7. +1000 My daughter at there once (well, the one in Hiram, not sure which location you visited) and let's just say it was a night filled with lots of flushing and flushable wipes.
  8. Let's say someone has two children that they have had permanent custody of for two years. This person is a relative of the children. The children's father, upon learning he will have to pay child support, wants to terminate his rights and have the relative adopt the children. The mother of the children is in agreement with the father and has pretty much just said she'll sign whatever paper is put in front of her. If possible, could someone with any knowledge or advice please respond. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have lived there. Just came back from vacation there. Lived on the west side not far from NAS.
  10. Lately I have been making flowers from ribbon or fabric either into pins or for hair decoration.
  11. When we moved from Pensacola to Georgia in 2005, we went with Sally Panzram to sell our home. It sold in two days of being listed. She was great to work with and very honest. We had worked with another realtor when we had originally purchased the home whom we realized later was really wasting our time. Sally was really great to work with though. Found the perfect buyer for our home.
  12. I live in Atcheson Park as well. I know I and at least one other neighbor on my street are having a yard sale tomorrow. As far as I know my neighbors are selling a lot of really nice home decor items. Some items I will have for sale: A Sole treadmill, InStep jogging stroller/bike trailer, Radio Flyer plastic wagon (the type with the fold down seats and cup holders), a couple of twin mattresses, one twin boxspring, a twin trundle bed frame, 9 ft. Christmas tree, small kids' bikes, etc.
  13. No, I wasn't talking about the house you are talking about. FWIW, I was replying to someone else who was commenting about the last house on the right across from the cemetary. The one up on the hill.
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