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  1. Sign in front of the Hiram location says September. The renovation takes about as long as the McDonald’s renovation in Dallas did. The Dallas CFA is only a couple miles down the road from the Hiram one, so relief isn’t far.
  2. On Comcast, I still see The Weather Channel on 32 and Weather Nation on 211. What channel are you talking about?
  3. No, as you can now see, that perception is quite out of date.
  4. Blah blah blah blah. All parties in this drama are sad, dysfunctional individuals, and have always been so.
  5. I thought so, too, but I found out today that is only the full duration. The entire event, with partial phases, lasts a couple hours.
  6. Like anyone is going to know now more than at the time. The Japanese POW story is a very old one--not impossible, but not likely, either. Her case has been TV fodder since the days of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of... program in the seventies. I don't imagine what this new show says will be substantially different than what Nimoy's show speculated forty years ago, and that was already forty years after their disappearance.
  7. Was this not reported to your insurance last October? What position did they take?
  8. Veritas


    Google "Catholic teaching on the rapture."
  9. Where does it suggest that he has been missing for 11 years?
  10. I had hoped that she would live up to her emphatic promise to move to Canada. http://nypost.com/2016/04/26/donald-trump-wants-to-drive-lena-dunham-out-of-america/ but guess what? She's not. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/11/12/lena-dunham-breaks-her-election-promise.html Shocking? Not.
  11. MeTV is an over-the-air digital station, carried by local stations. WSB carries it as channel 2.2. Neither cable nor dish is needed, just rabbit ears. http://www.metv.com/wheretowatch/ In Paulding, Comcast shows MeTV on 248.
  12. It is interesting how relatively close Escambia County, AL and Escambia County, FL are. Then again, the do have a river in common, and the same tribal ancestors.
  13. To the people in south Florida (Miami and the Keys, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach), the panhandle is more like Alabama.
  14. South Florida was never involved with this storm. It was a Gulf Coast storm that brushed Tampa in central Florida and made landfall near the eastern Florida Panhandle.
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