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Train in Acworth takes out personal property in early morning accident

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This from the Acworth Police.





Date of Release: March 19, 2014


While patrolling the downtown area of Acworth early this morning (March 19th, 2014 at 3:39am), Corporal L. Montcalm discovered a truck towing a large enclosed trailer lodged on the railroad crossing at the intersection of School Street and Main Street. She immediately notified dispatch of the situation. Before notification could be made to CSX, a northbound train was observed approaching the intersection. Corporal L. Montcalm advised the occupants of the truck several times to exit the vehicle and proceed to a safe location across the street. The train was unable to stop and struck the enclosed trailer, carrying it approximately ¼ of a mile north. The trailer, carrying furniture and personal items, suffered severe damage. The intersection of School Street and Main Street as well as Lemon Street and Main Street were closed for several hours. The intersection is clearly marked prohibiting such vehicles from crossing this intersection.


The driver, Richard A. Brown, 29 of Summerfield, Florida was cited for failure to obey railroad grade crossing. No one was injured in this incident and the above mentioned intersections reopened before 11:00am.


Wish I had a photo:



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That crossing should be closed. It is not even safe to cross in a car, or even on foot.

There is an underpass where you don't even have to cross the tracks only about 1/2 mile from there. No one that knows the area would ever attempt to cross at that spot. It is ALL clearly marked "no trucks".

If it were closed, people would not keep trying to make it.

There is no reason for it to remain open. There are several safer crossing spots.

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Talked to my son who is a big Rail Fan about it. Unfortunately, none of the fans were around because of the time. Only picture posted right now is the damage to the Engine.


According to him, typical response would be that Acworth police calls the CSX switchboard, who patches them through to emergency operations, which then after finding out all the information, has to call the dispatch for the Acworth subdivision, which then had to figure out which train is approaching the area and warn them.


This time, the engineer got the message when he was at the other end of the city, doing legal track speed of about 40 MPH with around 9000 ft train of approx 12,000 tons.


He locked up everything he had and jumped for the crash bay. They just don't stop on a dime.


He heard that CSX road foreman was having fits because that locomotive was less than a month old. Nooooo, he couldn't get stuck in front of some old engine that needs to be retired, he damages a brand new multimillion dollar engine and puts it in the shop for weeks.


The rumor is that they have tried to close that crossing several times, but the church in the area complains each time because they don't want to have to drive around to the other crossings.


Edited to add:


WSB has police video of the crash: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/train-crash-blocks-downtown-acworth-streets/nfGSH/ He is really lucky the trailer hitch gave way and it didn't drag his truck like that last collision at that crossing.

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I talked to a coworker of the driver of a tractor trailer truck that got hit in Acworth a year or so ago.

That driver got hit with a serious license suspension, out of sight ticket cost, plus got fired.

I don't know if having a CDL makes a difference or not, But for a CDL driver crossing a track marked "No Trucks" it's a life's financial adjusting experience.

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A man was killed in Cartersville Saturday by a train.



A Cartersville man who was walking his dog along railroad tracks on Saturday afternoon was killed when he was hit by a CSX train.

Donald Eugene Brock, 44, was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident in the area of Sugar Valley Road near Cassville Road in Cartersville, according to Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap.

The train sounded its horn several times to warn Brock of its approach, but Brock did not respond, the sheriff said.

Deputies responded around 5:20 p.m. after a rail employee reported the accident.






I heard reports of another car being hit in Rockmart Saturday also. Didn't hear of any fatalities with that one thank goodness.


Why is it that people won't respect the train tracks? Is it because trains are so enjoyable that we don't think about what they represent? My son has seen many examples of people driving around the lowered guards and flashing lights trying to "Beat" the train. Do they not recognize that they put their life on the line doing that carp? You are placing your body in front of up to 20 *million* pounds of freight or so moving at 40 MPH.







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