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  1. The Frey Family will be in my thoughts and prayers
  2. Wow this is so sad! I met Tim and Luke once, they groomed my dogs and I was gonna call and schedule this week for another grooming. They were so nice....Luke you will be in my thoughts and prayers as well as Tim's family
  3. One of my friends called me today to tell me that this was her brother, his wife and two children( 1 yr old and 5 yrold)....She said that the father and 1 yr old were released from Cobb, the little girl is being released I think tomorrow, and last I heard the mother who was driving is in the ICU. I know she had to have surgery on her knee, she wasn't real clear on any other injuries. They will probably be moving her to a regular room tomorrow. Thank God they are all alright, it could have been so much worse especially from the sounds of the condition of the car. They were taken to th
  4. Yeah especially cause I live in the subdivision behind the woods where they were shooting. Could have been very bad cause their were children having a birthday party on the other side of the woods. So for those that think it is was no big deal, perhaps if it was YOUR children having a party and not knowing who or where the bullets are coming from you may have a different opinion
  5. All I am saying is that I would not let my child walk down a busy road to teach him/her I lesson. I would find another way to get the point across without putting their life in danger......I do however question someone's judgement that would. That being said...I am glad the child didn't get hurt and was taken safely to school
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