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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. You will be in my thoughts. Remember the good tiime....
  2. I saw your post on facebook and have been following it closely. I have always thought highly of you and froggy. Please let him know he ( and you ) are in my thoughts.
  3. Thanks for posting the flyer. I was having computer issues and could not get to load.
  4. Hubby and I went this morning and it was great. Definitely recommend the peanut butter stuffed french toast. We will go back....
  5. If anyone has diapers that will fit a 12 month old please let me know. My neighbor just called and his great-grand baby is there and they ran out of diapers. He got his truck stuck trying to get out to get some earlier. We live off of Davis Mill Rd North.
  6. Any word on Hiram Sudie this morning? Hubby is getting ready to go to work.
  7. Get well soon Johnny. You have a lot of people wishing you well.
  8. I selfishly wanted to keep my schnauzer with me as long as I could. Even though she was on pain meds daily and was only a shell of herself. My vet told me when the quality of life is gone it is time to take the suffering away. I still miss her. I had her cremated and she will be buried with me. Being with your pet at the end is the greatest gift we can give them. I made sure my face was the last thing she saw. My heart is sad with yours.
  9. My hubby and I also went for a late lunch today and it was very good. We will definitely be going back. Saw some p'commers today.
  10. Just edited my post to add that the family is requesting that in leiu of flowers that a donation be made to Georgia Kids Hunting for a Cure. www.gakhfac.com. Anyone that knew him would understand why this request is being made. He loved his hunting trips but above all he loved children and helping them. Thank you Everyone for your thoughts, kind words and prayers at this time. Anyone that has a story about Ray please post it and I will share it with his wife. Aileen
  11. Ray Culberson died today surrounded by the love of his family. He served his country. He protected this county. And he transported many children home safely in this county. But most of all he loved and was loved by many. We his family will forever miss him. We know he is now at peace and his body is no longer in pain. Please remember the family during the next few difficult days. His visitation will be a Clark Funeral Home on Saturday from 2-8 pm. And on Sunday from 1-6 pm. Funeral service will be at 6 on Sunday. Rest in Peace Paw Paw Ray. In Leiu of flowers the family is requesti
  12. That is wonderful. And you are wonderful for all that you do for this cause.
  13. Connie I am sorry to hear of your loss. Please tell your husband and your family that your are all in my thoughts and prayers today.
  14. Sorry for your loss Tara. Keep the good memories close to your heart during the difficult days ahead.
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