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  1. So many parks to love here, but the two at the top of my list would be: Amicalola Falls State Park Sweetwater Creek State Park (I grew up fishing off of these banks)
  2. LOL... it was just me being goofy, apparently. I think I was trying to start it up on the fastread. It's been so long, that I had forgotten how. I wanted to start one in the internet cafe. I don't know the rules now though. Is it ok to ask about some police activity at a certain location in Paulding? I know in the old days that was ok.
  3. I have a question. It tells me that I can not start a new topic. Are there a new set of rules on this. This is my first time back in quite some time, so I'm out of the loop.
  4. Where is this new BK that you speak of?
  5. How about the 100 plus club? I mean, I know a lot of us put in a lot of hours to achieve that status here, but really, it doesn't seem like anyone is much using that forum.
  6. I was hoping for Ridge Rd area.
  7. I was afraid that it was bad. praying for all involved and the families!
  8. I hope that they catch all involved, and bring justice to this father and his family as soon as possible. So sad. People have no regard for human life anymore.
  9. Does anyone know what is happening on Barrett Pkwy West? We were coming home from dinner and there were cops/blue lights everywhere. They closed it down and detoured everyone out of there.
  10. We have heard it several times. We live near the old PB Ritch Elementary off of Ridge.
  11. I would love to see downtown come to life. With the college campus down there now, they really should look at things like coffee shops, book shops, sandwich shops, and more.... plus more parking. I love downtown Dallas. I'm excited about the idea of a new Pub. Yum!
  12. I was also caught up in this on my way home from work, and it looked terrible. Are there any updates? I am praying for these families.
  13. Yes, unfortunately it is true. My daughter and her were friends in elementary school but drifted on to other friend groups as they got older. It's a very sad situation.
  14. They are excellent parents. I love this eagle family so much! I also love Berry College. The campus is gorgeous. If I was an eagle... I would like to be there too.
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