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  1. Thank you!!! Please remove from your Pcom system. Large majority of the folks on this site are awesome folks, the one that runs it..not so much. Make chit up as you go, ES Pubby !!!!! Bye folks !!!
  2. Well He11, I should be offended, cause I'm a Crazy Old Nutcase
  3. If I continue my very offensive siggy that bullets will fly and I will get suspended and yada,yada,yada. He calls it a "Personal Attack", against who I'm not sure.
  4. Yeah, went zing right over their head. The kids were his focus.
  5. Why Heavens NO !! If I wanted to offend you I would send you a personal message.....How does the siggy offend you?? I'm a nut case and I'm older than you.......and your humor went where?? How about I go through and pick each and every "Siggy" that offends me and report it to you...what are you going to do about it???? If you would like me off your site Pubby, I would be more than happy to depart, however, I ask that you would erase me completely from your system....as Serve pro says.... "like it never even happened" Have a nice day !! How about this siggy .... "Description o
  6. Pilot and Co-Pilot die in Birmingham crash.... http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/23132420/ups-cargo-plane-crashes-outside-ala-airport-2-aboard
  7. Dr. Michael Miles at Lifetime Family Medicine also is specialized in sleep disorders. They are located over by Publix on Hwy 61 Good Luck !!
  8. all for the Loser pays system, would cut out a lot of the BS lawsuits.
  9. I think your siggy is "True Speak"...Awesome !!! Does my Siggy offend anyone ??
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