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  1. benji


    Is Taylor Farm Park still doing fireworks tonight? What else is going on there? TIA
  2. Yes they opened yesterday. I went last night and the store is huge!!!
  3. They lost my business yesterday, changed to Dish.
  4. I tried doing it to....got the account info correct but then it wanted my Drivers License number. I decided to mail it instead. Plus there is a $3.00 charge to use the service. No thanks!
  5. There were 2500 animals euthanized in 2009 and here are the March 2010 figures Animal Control March The humane society and the former manager never tried to be no kill if you will look at the numbers they've always posted. They just tried to take care of animals the best they could while there and find a place for them to go if they could. The rat problem was reported and the county exterminator came many times.
  6. I believe it was a big mix up from the employees that are working with the full temporary pens not knowing that someone had said they were interested in adopting the puppies took by the rescue. When it filled up they had called the rescue because space was needed and they took several dogs and this is now not allowed and another dog taken ended up being chipped but the owner hadn't been found. They were took back.
  7. Ha you must have heard the one about the big time dog selling business going on by employees and rescues. They have made millions from what I have heard. Ha
  8. Heehaw did you know that working together saved the county alot of money and the control of the population has improved every year. The goal looks to be the same to me. If you are worried over money you may need to see what all the humane society does there. From what I have heard this happened because of employees being in different locations and not knowing that their new policies were.
  9. I think you just have not heard about it because all animal controls have to deal with rats and a lot of them have to do this very same thing.
  10. There was not a dramatic turn for the worse. The building has rats that are always very hard to control especially in an old building. They have been working understaffed for two years while still improving complaints, strays and adoptions and the cost to the taxpayers. Its about time somebody finally decided to put some money and more help into the place.
  11. Thanks BeachBum but I really can't hold a candle to Meltid!
  12. Hey Pam - yes I am a Pcommer. Glad we could help and I'm glad Calli did well! Please let us know if you need any help again!
  13. Been there, done that..have several T-shirts!! It is hard at 1st, but I know from experience that 2 families can not live together and get along all the time. It gets easier in time, believe me...I am loving it!!!!
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