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  1. Thank you for this post! I need to come up dallas highway to 278
  2. I am at 120 and Barrett parkway
  3. My commute yesterday from Kennesaw that normally takes 45 minutes turned into 11 hours. I finally made it to Barrett Parkway at Target. I had rescued my mom from her car along the way. That was the scariest and craziest thing I've dealt with in a long time. I texted my boss and told him we would be sleeping in the car. He has family right here within walking distance and they opened their home to us for a nice place to stay! Today- I wanna go home to my kids and play and wrap my arms around them! Post here anything you know any roads I can take to get there. I live off Hiram Sudie near t
  4. What's the math on that if they split it with all USA tax payers?
  5. I've been looking for details- I heard from a reliable source too.
  6. My jobs hiring , where can I post?
  7. Number or name of dentist in Kroger shipping center at 61 and 278;-)
  8. Knowing who was there Saturday makes my day to read this thread!!!!
  9. I got mine through my bank. In three months my credit score went up 56 points. I also wrote letters, and fixed duplicate accounts.
  10. I have been to help Miss Jessie several times. Recently I have not seen her, or been by her home:( Has she been sick?
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