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  1. great.....taxpayer money wasted to honor traitors of the united states of america......
  2. didn;t know that, not really into trucks......i tend to picture a pickup with 20" rims looking something like this, some goofy non-functional low rider
  3. dumb question, but why would anyone want 20" tires on a pickup?
  4. i would need a lot more info before i could answer this honestly. is a ten percent pay cut enough to keep the company afloat? if they cut the workforce by 13%, therefor also cutting productivity, can the company stay afloat?......is this going to be due to less production(resulting in less revenue creating this same scenario all over again down the road), or increased workload on the remaining employees? what is the market like in my profession? can i change my source of income easily, either by going to work for someone else or becoming self employed? can the others laid off change the
  5. yep agreed on slow week, the local telco promised much more than they can deliver, so i get to sit and wait on call until the can get my circuits in......in one way it doesn't matter, i am still getting billable time but still stuck at a standstill. and yeah this board is cheap entertainment.......some good people, and on the other hand some people remind me of how well the producer of deliverance did back in the 70's capturing local "flavor" and that some of the documentaries that were on bigotry in the south in the sixties. apparently some of those people are still around, or raised thei
  6. and we know all about people that fit that "profile" based on how they dress.....after all we saw on the news this last week when there was a young adult male, wearing a hoodie and jeans, looking like he just came from a "rave" or something, hanging out in an affluent area where the "average" people are normally dressed in a suit and tie. must have been up to no good they even stated on camera that he admitted to being a college dropout, because he thought it was a waste of his time. and he also said that he only job he plans on having this next year will pay him the whooping sum of $1.
  7. for both parties involved
  8. if you want i can give you case numbers\supreme court rulings....but i have done that before on here and too many people felt that local georgia laws overruled supreme court decisions. got to the point it wasn't worth the time or effort to try to explain that a state and\or local government cannot violate your rights as a us citizen hiram apparently published it, complying with federal law.....that really is all that matters as far as i am concerned.
  9. on a lighter note than some of the current topics perhaps this person should have passed drivers ed or a more advanced driving course prior to buying $200K+ sports car
  10. ok.....i don't read that anymore....and was just courious
  11. yep smoking weed makes you a dangerous felon, deserving of death........i rather like willie nelson so please never go to one of his shows.
  12. just courious (because it doesn't effect me in any way) but did they publish this? or are they back to violating federal law and us supreme court decisions regarding the 4th amendment?
  13. depends...is he in my yard, or in the street or sidwalk? makes a big difference
  14. i think it would depend on where the person was located.....was he still on the sidewalk or in the street. or looking in the windows while standing close to the building in the owners yard? i wasn't aware that some people consider it suspicious to look around while you are walking. if that really is a crime, i confess....i tend to look around while i am walking, and sometimes look in the direction of a house
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