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  1. I also used Skyline. I would definitely recommend them also.
  2. The one in New Hope is closed.
  3. My daughter has a bilateral mild hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Our insurance also doesn't cover the cost of hearing aids which I find just ridiculous. My first advice for you would for you to get your son in the Babies Can't Wait program. It's free and it provides early intervention for children with disablilities. My daughter started speech therapy when she was just 8 months old and continued till she turned three. They are very helpful and have wonderful speech pathologist. As far as the cost of the hearing aids, there a million grants available for babies that will totally pay f
  4. His name was Don. He was a really nice man who 5 years ago had good life. Nice house, beautiful wife, a job.... but things change. He drank a little too much and lost everything either through his addiction or the bad economy. He had lost everything and was living out in the woods behind the new school. His ex wife found out he was staying back there and walked over to check on him and discovered his body. A really sad situation. My prayers go out to the family.
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