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  1. Neighbor just called me and said 10 cop cars are in our neighborhood walking around yards, (Barrington Farms Subdivision) anyone know what's going on?
  2. Okay so I have to got to the county clerks office to get a copy of the deed, I could go online and for $5.00 for 4 hours access to the Georgia Superior Courts Office web page I can search on it, but seeing I know the original bank sold the house to someone else back in February 2013 I don't want to spend money and it not be online. I really don't want to spend my day off going to the court house, but it maybe my only option if I want to find out who owns it. I do not want to quit cutting the grass because I don't want to deal with snakes and other critters, plus my OCD will not let me look at
  3. The person I spoke with yesterday said as of Feb 2013 they no long own it. :-(
  4. I have been cutting the grass to the foreclosed house next door to me since last year, now the bushes are so over grown you can't see the walk way to get to the front door, and when I scrapped though to get the number off the paper posted on the door I was surprised to see the multiple wasp next that have taken over the front porch. I called the number on the paper and the company that was maintaining it is no longer in business, it directed me to another number to call. I called it and they too no longer own the home and doesn't know who does. They told me to go to city hall, does anyone know
  5. We also stayed at Laketown Wharf. It was awesome and look forward to going back again soon! They will have our business any year we go to PCB!! LOVED IT!!!
  6. I agree, I noticed a huge difference in the road in Paulding compared to Cobb!! Thank you Paulding DOT!!!
  7. My dog went down the stairs of the deck and come back up and pee'd on the deck!! It's to deep for him to take care of business in the yard! LOL
  8. LOL, that was the name of my dog when I was growing up, he was a pretty white dog, don't think I'd name my kid that but it would be unique.
  9. My hubby said that is his plan if it were up to him! Of coarse 10+ years of trying we'd be jumping for joy if that were the case!
  10. Just got back from the Food Lion on 61 & Hiram Suide, plenty of bread, milk and hot chocolate and walked right up to the register with no wait.
  11. I work for a Flooring Distributer on Highlands, if you go toward SC Drive it's the big building on the right past the pond
  12. It fell for a few minutes in Smyrna (South Cobb Drive and Highlands Parkway) for about 5 minutes, but no more
  13. The "plot" is what I got at closing. What is the sheet you got from the health dept. I'd like to get mine just to see what is shows. Thanks
  14. IMO that should be the builders responsibily to pay for, sounds like they didn't "fix it" correctly
  15. I can't understand the landscaper doing that, think the builder should have told him where the tank was before he started planting, but a plant is an easier move than a deck. At least the cement and post was for the stairs and not the main support of the deck, so in the future we know to move the deck stairs sooner than later. I really just don't care anymore, I can't have something I have intented on doing to my home since the day I purchased it, without spending lots of money to move my septic tank. Thanks to the builder not putting it on the plot map correctly. At least then I wouldn't ha
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