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  1. Alabama is ranked #1 and they weren't on TV. I had to order the game on PPV!
  2. There is still a Steak and Ale in downtown Atlanta. We used to go all the time when we lived down there. It is the last one that is left.
  3. Do they have yellow cheese? I am looking for a Mexican restaurant around here that has yellow cheese.
  4. Mmmm I miss Fontaine's! We used to live downtown, and we would go there once a week. We always went for the half priced crablegs. You could not beat the price, and they were so good! I totally disagree with the pp who said you can not eat in Atlanta for less than $50.00 for 2 people! We would have never been able to go out to eat if that was the case when we lived there.
  5. I don't know what kind of food you are looking for, but I love Fontaine's Oyster House in Virginia Highlands. It is seafood and the prices are very reasonable. You could easily eat for less than $50.00, but it is more of a casual place than what some of the other people are listing. Virginia Highlands is also a fun place for you to hang out afterwards. Here is their website... http://nnnwcorp.com/fontainesmainpage.html
  6. I agree. The first question that she asked me if I had any health problems that she needed to be aware of. I am not diabetic, but I am pregnant, and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my pedicures!
  7. Fancie Fingers and Feet! An AMERICAN owned nail salon. Their pedicures are $25.00, and I think the manicures are $15.00. I've only had a pedicure there, and it was great! They even make a little box to put all of your files in, so everything is clean. I would highly recommend them! Be sure to call for an appointment. There are only 2 ladies who work there. One does the manicures/acrylic nails and the other one does manicures and pedicures. 44 Darby's Crossing Drive Hiram, GA 30141-6044 (770) 943-0070
  8. They must have already met their expensive deductible. I was in the hospital for 3 days for dehydration, and I owe the hospital $3,200.00. Alot of doctors outside of the Kaiser clinics have stopped accepting Kaiser since they lost their Wellstar contract. The nearest hospital that takes Kaiser is Northside, which is an inconvenience. I don't have much experience with their primary care doctors. I am pregnant, so I am currently under the care of my OB, and I do not go to the Kaiser clinic. My husband had to be seen once, and I believe he did see Dr. Koziara at Town Park. He liked him. They seemed to have a better choice of doctors than the Austell location. Good luck! I wish I had better things to say about Kaiser.
  9. Yes, Kaiser lost their contract with Wellstar. I am sorry that you had to change to Kaiser. We have it and hate it! We are hoping that my husband's job will be able to change their insurance soon. Kaiser is the worst insurance that I have ever had.
  10. The waterfall is the best place because you can get in there with them. We took our dog swimming there and loved it. It is on High Shoals Rd. See this thread for directions. http://paulding.com/forum/index.php?/topic/247910-waterfall/page__hl__waterfall__fromsearch__1
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