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  1. I am told my septic tank needs to be pumped (toilets backed up). A.W.E. has been recommended. Are they good to work with?
  2. Christmas Vacation Tombstone Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
  3. Exams are today and tomorrow. How will they get that done before the holiday break if they close today?
  4. I am probably going to need another crown today. I am getting tired of dentists seeming to charge whatever they want to for work while you are in the chair and you want to be out of pain. What have you folks found and is there a way to shop for crown prices? Have you found some good dentists that charge less than others?.
  5. I met a very nice guy who came out yesterday to look the car that I am selling and it turn's out he is a preacher. Here is a link to his church. http://www.churchattheridge.com/
  6. It is a gold Nissan Sentra with 143,000 adult driven miles (by me).It has an automatic transmission and everything works nearly as good as the day it was made. It uses no oil and gets about 30 mpg. I drive it every day to work in Atlanta. It also has AC and power windows. I am asking $2,500.00 for it.
  7. I have several things listed under "got the goods" and now it is all combined under one title that does not match all that is for sale. Are we allowed to edit the title?
  8. The treadmill is listed under "Got the Goods." I hope to have the tanning bed listed later in the week. Oh, and the garage sale is happening this Saturday; details can be found under "yard sales."
  9. I'll post some things on here as soon as I get a little more organized. I have a few things that come to mind like: a tanning bed, a treadmill, riding mower, lawn care equipment, an electronic piano, and a 2002 Nissan Sentra.
  10. Are there any rules for having a garage/yard sale in Paulding County? I am looking to have one this weekend because we are moving and many things will need to go.
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