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  1. 61 is back open. A tree was in danger of falling on road and it was cut and removed. This is what I was told by someone who lives there.
  2. My 30 year old just bought a home off of High Tower Road..Antioch community. He moved from Clear Creek in Dallas. He has never been so happy.
  3. rebelmom


    Looking for some one insured that does seamless gutters that you would recommend. Thank You!
  4. American Maid.......Karla 770-899-3606 The best there is and reasonable. American Maid has a facebook page if you do fb.
  5. Thank You !!! But just found out my Daughter-in-law found one today. That's a great buy.
  6. Looking for a ferrett cage or a large birdcage will do. If you have one you don't need anymore please contact me. Thank You>>>
  7. Bought 2 pallets of bermuda sod last week from legacy farms in Cartersville. Ordered one day had it the next.
  8. Sons left work at 12:00 today and have just made it to 1-20 bridge on Thorton. They sat at six flags hill for a hour without moving. Anyone know how the Rockmart hwy direction is now?
  9. Clear Creek was started in 2004 I believe.
  10. If they want it that bad they should by out Clear Creek which is the subdivision it would effect. Everyone is for something as long as it does not effect them. I am against it for the fact of the underhanded way it was brought to light. Next thing will be a Marta type public transportation. Have you ever really noticed what that does to a county?. In my opinion not a good thing. Yes, it may bring in jobs but at what cost? I feel it would hurt more than help. Most people that would work there would not even be from this county. Ride around Hartsfield and see if you would want
  11. Does anyone remember the original house before they remodeled? It was a very ordinary cedar home that they turned into what it is now.
  12. Very good following.....Give him a try you will love him..
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