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  1. If she doesnt want the chickens we would love to have them - we have 5 hen and two roosters - and 9 chicks ! oh and 20 ducks.... we have had coyotes come up near the house but our dogs keep them away for the most part - and silly as it sounds...have her hubby or any male pee on different places around the yard or fence - (some guys like to do their TT outside) - the coyotes will avoid the area -
  2. her house is on a crawl space that is about 1 1/2 feet - cant imagine how they got it under there ! It is laying on just plastic - it is (or was) propane - she couldnt afford to get the gas so she has put in electric appliances - according to the HVAC guy, having the gas would not have helped because the unit wont work - the outside unit is freeon - and the hose has a visible hole - he said it is very expensive to put the freeon in it - he gave her a quote, and it is not ridiculous - I just know she doesnt have a way to have it done - The repair man suggested calling Greystone to see if they h
  3. trying to help a friend that endured last winter with no heat and all summer with no air - we had a HVAC person go out to look at it - and his diagnosis was dismal...it is old, rusted out and not worth repairing - she is waiting on disability to be approved and is dependent on her children. They are very much below the poverty line. My question is - is there assistance to replace her unit - any kind of government grants - I feel if it was replaced they can pay the utility bills, but cant get funding to purchase a new, more efficient unit -
  4. Is there a reputable place local that appraises antiques ? I have several items from clocks to tea pots and dont know where to go for value -
  5. what kind of mower is it - how old ?
  6. all of the health insurance stuff on the web site is confusing - but no one seems to be able to answer questions LIVE. What IF there is no steady income and a person or persons in a house hold has a LIFE THREATENING illness ? We went on the site and it just says no one qualifies... it would be great if it was easy to navigate and obtain.... Kaiser is great - or they were when we had them.
  7. I see how many people on here were from Smyrna and I bet we all know each other in some way - I worked at McDonalds for a while - and I cruised South Cobb in my beautiful 66 Impala - hung out with kids from every high school at the various spots - I loved Smyrna and it breaks my heart that all the places talked about so fondly have been bull dozed - things seemed simpler then - kids didnt shoot each other over "turf" and the worse you did to a rival was roll their yard.
  8. There is a F/B page called SmyrnaVille - there are some wonderful pictures and lots of memories discussed - have come across several folks I grew up with on that page - I was CHS 75 I dont go back there much anymore either....I want to remember it with the places mentioned - and they are just about all now just memories.....
  9. After 3 incredibly hard years my family and I will have a home again. We found a place that offers us a new beginning. Now the BUT - it has been vacant for about three years and of course thieves vandalized some of the pipes. The gas cant be turned on until it is checked out and the water cant be turned on until it is also checked out. We have to get the power on to be sure all of it is correct as well. It had power when we looked at it, but has been cut off until it is put in my name. I am hoping I can find someone to check and repair at a reasonable cost. I am on a fixed income and want s
  10. Law Enforcement Officer.....
  11. saw a F/B post - they had called a LEO that was off today in to help work it - all it said was very bad - possible fatality - I have a friend that goes that way every morning to feed their livestock - and they werent answering their phone. Usually P.com has info - thank you Mrs G for responding - I dont have the Nixie thing on my phone.
  12. does anyone have any information on a accident on 61 apparently near ball field -
  13. Awesome place ! Got some Christmas shopping done there !
  14. R&Rmom

    SS rep

    I know - but they put everyone on auto ignore - so was hoping to actually speak to someone.
  15. R&Rmom

    SS rep

    does anyone know if the Social Security rep still comes to Paulding?
  16. Value Vault - I was just so impressed with their prices and the selection was good - they are still unloading stuff, too. They were putting out mattresses and DVD players. I want to go back !!
  17. found a place in Dallas, in the old greystone place, near the tire and lawn mower establishments - they sell overstock stuff - they have got some wonderful stuff ! Got a 40" flat screen Tv for $200. - They have computers, and guns and clothes !!! A little off the main road but I am glad I made the stop.
  18. when is the market open?
  19. a few minutes ago there was an explosion of some kind in the area of Hiram Sudie/McClung - just wanting to see if anyone knew what it was.
  20. Al and Jesse are WAY to busy to notice this one. And really now - black on white getting attention.....nahhhh
  21. has there been anymore information on this accident - I heard a young lady passed away this week, and it was as a result of an accident -
  22. R&Rmom


    what area did you see them in...I realize they are everywhere, but I would like to know where to be more diligent -
  23. would also like to know who is hiring ??
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