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  1. HAHA! I don't even post on here any more but I had to come out & say I love you & you call me any time for goodies
  2. CONGRATS ZOO, I'm super happy for you!!
  3. Heck no!! I have a 5 month old! and no more babies for me
  4. the real sage


    I just sent a huge PM. Please let me know if you don't get it. I will e-mail it to you!
  5. the real sage


    Haha!! I'm thinking it's about something else Pcom has no love for me! I sent you a PM
  6. Thanks for posting this, Katie! This is the way G goes to work!
  7. I co-lead my daughter's Girl Scout troop and I was surprised to see the early cookie sales myself. About a month earlier than last year. Our group doesn't push the girls to sell the cookies. Sales are great but you do what you can. My daughter absolutely loves scouts. Every kid is different, some enjoy sports, the arts, music, etc. Our Girl Scout troop has collected items in the community for recycling, sang carols at the local senior center, and of course there is the camping trips that the girls enjoy. I can't speak for other troops but I know our troop has helped the girls with being re
  8. I know! Good for her!! I need to give her a ring and wish her a Merry Xmas!!
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