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  1. Sorry for the suspense..and worries...she got picked up around 430 and I BELIEVE they used the day to pack up some of their belongings from their other house becausof the boxes they had when they returned. The parents said that they waited all day at the DRs. I don't buy it. When they go home they didn't come over to get her they carried boxes in and what not....so, I carriedher home to them. All they said was sorry. Lesson learned...will never sit for this couple again.
  2. They said no law was broken...they were going to see if they were in jail and said to wait a few more hours then call DFAS.
  3. They have only lived there about a month and as far as I know they are not employed. How long do I wait before I call the non emergency line for PCSO? THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The husband is with her and no other kids live with them that are school age. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Don't know the name of the dr office.
  5. Yes, they live 2 houses over and they have not returned to the house at all today....I have places I needed to go and can not do that. I am worried and upset at the same time. I would never leave my kids with someone (i barely know) and not call and check on them...I would never leave them for longer than I said unless it couldn't be helped. I am so frustrated and don't know where to go from here. Yes, they have my cell number...don't know if they have it with them though.
  6. I had a neighbor ( that I don't know very well) leave their child with me this morning at 830, so they could go to the doctor. THey told me they would be back in 2 hours. I have not heard from them....the number I have for the momis disconnected....I have no other contact numbers, no names for other family members and I don't know what to do. I have no car seat for the child whos is 3. Please I need advise on what to do and when do I do it? TIA
  7. Ty...how early do you suggest and is it just the parade or are there other things as well. Sorry for all the questions
  8. This will be our first time attending the parade and I was wondering if anyone could tell the parade route and possibly suggest a spot to sit at for viewing. TIA
  9. For some reason on the fastread page I can not read the titles od the topics. All I see are the people who posted them and number of reads and replies. It is almost like the left side of that section has been cut off. I tried changing my settings for the forums and it is still the same. Can anyone PLEASE help fix this??????? TIA
  10. What time does this start tomorrow and is it just T and T???? TIA
  11. Ok...thanks..I had heard that it was on Saturday since the 31st fell on a Sunday.
  12. Can anyone one please tell me the day and time for trick or treating in Paulding County this year??? TIA
  13. What is that supposeto mean?????????????
  14. Is there anything like this for boys????????
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