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  1. I miss you too, Puss!!!!! We need to get together for some dinner one weekend! SERIOUSLY! I'm glad y'all are gonna get to come Lisa!!!! I am REALLY looking forward to this...I know it sounds crazy...and so be it...but I miss all those crazy people! It made life fun....
  2. I just wanted to remind you of our reunion race this Saturday. It was put together pretty quick this year so it's a little last minute. Hopefully next year we can perfect it and get all the bugs out. I know lots of you on this forum know someone who has raced at Southeastern at one time or another...or even every weekend for years. If you could...please pass this along. I'm hoping for the weather to hold out so that we can have a fabulous day! I'm looking forward to seeing LOTS of familiar faces! Thank you!
  3. I've been trying to get together a Dallas reunion for a while now. I miss my racing family/friends and I would love to have at least one day a year for us all to put down our differences and come together to race, just hang out and have fun. The wonderful folks up at Calhoun have been kind enough to allow us to join in with a wonderful thing that they have going in memory of Mr. Otto. He passed away earlier this year and now they're doing a charity race for him. I'd like to do this once a year (preferably sometime in September instead of October) Hopefully while we're up there this year...I ca
  4. I should have posted this last week....but my husband has been working to get all of our stuff put back on here... Thank you, Mike! I can't tell you how relieved I am to have somebody I can trust to help us out with this computer stuff. You went above and beyond trying to help us out....and I am extremely grateful! It's still acting a little funny so we may have to bring it to you after all, but at least it's up and running for now. Thank you so much for all your time! I'm sure we will be using you again...and I will not hesitate to refer anyone who is having computer troubles to you in
  5. trichie


    Exactly!!! X2 So you know how it is out there. Paulding and Cobb county are not well known for it's safe, and courteous drivers. Be safe folks!!
  6. trichie


    **** Update on accident and lets put rumors to rest. **** I am horsepowerchics Husband I am not the driver of the truck in this accident. I do however work for the same concrete company. At 10am the concrete truck made a left turn from 92 north bound on to 278 west bound. The concrete truck HAD the green light, the motorcycle traveling 278 east bound RAN the red light. The truck driver is very shaken and upset ( he also rides a motorcycle himself ). As of the rider leaving the scene he has suffered a broken neck and crushed windpipe. I have no other updates on the rider I hope you wil
  7. I really had no desire to watch it...but I'm glad I did. It's not one of those that you care to watch over and over....but it was well worth it the two times. I let my kids watch it...they loved it. But a note... I watched it first on our HD tv....then we were gonna watch it together in the living room on the regular tv....and I was like..."wait a min...that doesn't look right". A regular tv gives this movie NO JUSTICE. I was thinking we had wasted money on that stupid expensive tv until I saw the difference in this movie! The effects and color are AMAZING!
  8. And the password is what? I had no idea there was a women's forum....perhaps a pm? Without the S of course.....
  9. Um...nope. Just thoughts about having surgery? Which rule did that one break? Wrong place maybe?
  10. First it was a pleasure to meet you! And THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the leaf blower. Joey has already been outside playing with it. A new toy that will motivate him to work in the yard! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! As soon as we left your house he called his buddy to brag about the deal he got. He bought a leaf blower not long ago for much more that what you were asking. (of course he gave me no credit for finding it...but that's ok...lol) Thanks again! I'm sure we'll be seeing you in the spring!
  11. I'm in Carroll...but I heard the only difference in Carroll and Paulding is that I had to go to the Sheriffs office to get fingerprints done. I got mine in about a week. Not bad. I had originally wanted a semi automatic....and I looked at a bunch. But I couldn't find one that I liked the feel of. Not to mention if you didn't want to carry one in the chamber...the smaller ones were a little hard to pull back. (my first thought was what if my hands were sweaty or I had lotion on them) After LOTS of sampling....I decided on a Ruger LCR. It's a .38....but because of the rubber grip handle...there'
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