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  1. Has anyone tried the new cajun restaurant in Dallas? Where the old bus station used to be? Just wondering if it's any good. I rode passed Saturday & it sure smelled good.
  2. I wonder if it's the same guy that has been hanging out in Kennesaw. It sounds like he has the same sign. That's horrible. That's why so many people never know if they should "give" or not. You did the right thing. You're a good person. If we only had more people like YOU & less of people like him, we would have a better world.
  3. There is a hostage situation at McDonald's. LOTS of police still there. Seems that a crazy husband "lost it" went in & threatened to kill his wife. Now holding her & who knows who all hostage. Please pray for all involved.
  4. My daughter called & said that there are police everywhere at the McDonald's/Chevron at Lost Mountain with their guns drawn. Does anyone have any idea what is going on???
  5. Praying for the mother & her children.
  6. Marietta Dermatolgy is also the Skin Care Specialist by Kennestone. They have 2 locations. 1 is by Kennestone & the other is at Lost Mountain. They are EXCELLENT!
  7. Hopefully she is not really injured. I remember when I lived on Macland Rd, someone hit a deer in front of my house & my neighbor called to ask me to come help because the people were hysterical. They were covered in blood from the deer going through their windshield, but there fine. Hopefully this is the case again. It was very tramatic for them though.
  8. It's so sad to think of children so sick & even worse to hear of one losing their life. Prayers for the family.
  9. Horrible. The roads need some lines again out our way. And I am afraid that we are going to see more & more of this w/ people getting bikes to save $$ on gas. Prayers for the cyclist & family.
  10. Tim, I am so sorry. That is horrible. I am trying to figure out if I remember him. Which station do you work at now? Prays for you & the family.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. So glad that you have those special memories. They will mean a lot to you. When you miss him & have this emptiness, it will be a great comfort to you to think back on that special time that you had together. God bless.
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