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  1. Enjoyed the book. Haven't seen the movie yet, but I'd like to.
  2. She has issues, but that doesn't mean that David Justice didn't hit her. :/ She could be a nightmare to live with. She could be habitually picking men who are a nightmare to live with. I guess the only people that really know are her and her husbands. Of course if it's an angry divorce it'll be hard to get the true story out of either side..
  3. Just read that it's malaria, not ebola. http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/morning_call/2015/08/man-with-possible-ebola-symptoms-taken-to.html
  4. http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolynkylstra/heres-whats-wrong-with-that-viral-coca-cola-graphic#.mey9xBmJy
  5. Nope, it didn't follow the book ending. I like the way it ended on the show because it opens up a good way to get into season 2, with conflict already built in.
  6. I'm thinking this movie called X-mas. Fits the sign, and they were supposedly filming yesterday, though this casting call doesn't say where. http://www.auditionsfree.com/2015/movie-extras-wanted-atlanta-untitled-xmas-movie/#
  7. Kroger brand ketchup. I really don't notice any difference. The wife used to only like Heinz, until I started buying Kroger brand and putting in an old Heinz bottle. She never noticed the difference, so I let her in on my little secret. I do prefer to get the Kroger "simply organic" because it doesn't have the HFCS. Mustard, again Kroger brand.
  8. Funny you should mention that... http://www.tmz.com/2015/06/02/chet-haze-n-word-rap-tom-hanks-son/ She's showing less skin that most swimsuits show.
  9. The wife liked them, and watched the show. She used to post on the "Television Without Pity" message boards for the show, and she liked to talk to me about it. Sad thing is, she told me years ago that there was a rumor on the message boards about Josh, but nobody was believing it then. Something about Jim Bob losing his run for senate, and when interviewed about why he thought he didn't win, he replied "Sin in the camp" while looking right at Josh. The rumor was that he was molesting his sisters. The person that posted it then was ripped to shreds by the fans of the show. Turns out they mu
  10. Oops didn't realize someone had already posted that. The whole thing is gross. Don't even get me started on how Jana had been sent to Bill Gothards "Journey to the heart" program, and he has also been accused of sexual abuse recently. These people have lived, and put their daughters in a hotbed of sexual abuse.
  11. Here is the report if anyone hasn't seen it and wants to read it for themselves. http://m.imgur.com/a/zqPMi
  12. Michelle admitted in the police report that Josh didn't receive any real counseling. He went to stay with a family friend and do manual labor for 3 months. Guess they though he could sweat the pedophilia out of his system.
  13. In my wife's case, it is long past the statute of limitations. In my opinion, there shouldn't be a statute of limitations on sexual crimes against children. These victims are often too scared to report, or made to feel like they're somehow responsible for what happened to them. Or they're coerced into keeping quiet for the good of the family. Gag.
  14. My wife is a victim of childhood sexual abuse. She has forgiven her abuser, but that doesn't mean her emotional scars are gone. I feel sorry for his sisters. I read the police report taken in 2006. One child interviewed stated they were in the process of getting their G.E.D. This child also said that nothing happened to them. Based on their ages I suspect this was Jana, the eldest daughter. According to the police reports, he touched 4 sisters. That means that in 2001 when the abuse occurred the only other daughters were Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy. Joy was only 4 years old then. Th
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