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  1. I appreciate all of your responses. Two cars stopped in front of me. I stopped and than a car behind hit me at full speed and pushed me into the car in front. The officer wrote up the citation saying it was my fault for following too close, yet the driver in front of me said he was only hit once. The officer never asked him about this. This alone and the physical evidence should have been enough (as the officers report had other errors) to prove he was wrong. The driver behind made false statements as well (false in that they are easily proven by again, physical evidence...) . My insura
  2. I'll make this simple (I haven't been on PCOM in a long time..and there was a time I was on a lot, ...maybe again...)... Anyway, I was in an accident last October on Thornton road... I'm trying to figure a contingency attorney to call. There's a lot on TV and billboards, but if anyone has a personal association with a good contingency attorney, please let me now. The guy who hit me had already pled guilty in court...My truck is now sitting in my backyard. It runs, but needs a new rear bumper...I just want to get my expenses back from this guy - sell my truck (99 Ford Explorer) and move
  3. Whew, all I can say....is that.... thank God for work...it breaks up the tedious and exhausting chores of the weekend!
  4. Let's see...I don't have my daughter this weekend...I found that U-verse TV is now in my neighborhood (but wasn't told because they're pushing Direct TV) so GOOD BYE TO COMCAST next weekend..... I think I spend a lot of time doing things at work, for work and too often thinking about work when I'm NOT at work.... While at home, there's the 'TO DO' list that never really gets 'TA DONE' as tasks just get replaced once previous ones are completed.... Tomorrow....I'm going to stop thinking about work and the list and just do something for me... I'm going to get up...when I want...go to
  5. As always....thanks P.com family...! Yep, with Sun Valley Beach closed.......those of us still around and remember... I found another one west of us..Pool was nice and cold and now I'm back to tackle the heat!
  6. My A/C went out last night and I figure I'll need to go to a cool pool to feel better after a long hot night! I would appreciate if anyone can recommend a qualified, fair and dependable HVAC person... I replaced my coil a year ago and it's not blowing HOT, but feel like there may be a leak and the coolant is low......I shut it down in case it's a case of what I was advised may be a freeze blockage.....we'll see. Any recommendations please? Thank You
  7. Hmmm, Holistic vs. Homeopathic.... ** Lipitor causes a false A1C, yet Dr's still prescribe meds for a high A1C for diabetes...instead of doing another test to confirm... ** Aspirin negates birth control.....took a while for the medical community to announce (reveal) that one... ** Dr's don't cure...they treat ** Great living if a drug dealer. You have someone hit you in the mouth... go to a Dentist, they prescribe a months worth of Oxycodone or Vicodin and you sell half on the black market to pay the bills; and the rest for you... (personally, I just use some Motrin as anti-infl
  8. "Secrets like a cure for cancer can not remain a secret and the first people to start hearing about it will not be the general public in some rural GA county." Funny - whomever knows, lives any number of places.... I live in Paulding as does many others who hold current and/or past positions of knowledge. But, you perception is your safety...Ignorance is bliss... There are many secrets that may never be known.... Cures....it's up to those who know to decide... Alzheimer's had a cure 15+ years ago by two surgeons. The medical community refused to acknowledge their submission because i
  9. I heard on the radio yesterday that 40% of Americans are taking at least one pill a day and 15% are taking more than one a day....are we becoming a sicker society or is society just making us change to where we need to take something to alter a sliding movement back to center? Everything has sugar.....so much sugar in everything. I remember selling a candy bar for a dollar in Jr. High School and it was a prety good size bar....the World's Finest Chocolate bar has shrunk.... go figure! Ok, back to work...have a great day everyone...
  10. No one is attacking all Doctors or the profession as a whole. There will always be skeptics and those who believe the power of the mind enhances the ability of any individual to succeed where medicines may not be as effective otherwise and medicines will always be a potential improvement in our lives. But we also have to admit that the all American dollar is a huge driving force and if not for the ability to make money, many companies wouldn't waste their time trying to find out the cure for many diseases in our society. Yet, think about the pills that exist, that would be obsolete if cures ar
  11. CANCER - We use this word as a noun, a verb, a curse, ad infinitum.... basically - the death and inability of a cell to regenerate.... Hmm, I just deleted a lot of verbiage I had written, because I thought about those who would scoff at the truth; those who would grab whatever they could without thinking of consequences.... ... Please understand if any of you all of a sudden had the ability to cure a disease, and word got out..... how would your life be changed...and I doubt in the best way.... Our medical society has found cures for a lot of diseases.. and I don't mean the ones we
  12. I'm tired and old(er) and getting cynical...I think, maybe that's just loss of memory.....But I'm tired of knowing about studies and facts and even when I speak to my doctor, he blows it off and just prescribes more pills... You walk into an office.....he asks what hurts...here's a prescription.. You're overweight.... don't worry about weight loos, no one really cares... here's a pill... Gout....diabetes...migraines... HERE'S A PILL.... No, I don't have these, but I know of the research about Lipitor and how it causes false A1C results. Well, knowing this should tell the Doctor
  13. I did this several years ago and found out a few things... First, I didn't need a permit as I wasn't erecting anything on this slab. It was a patio 16' x 40' up against the house. However......I did need to contact the terminte folks. If you build something this large (I'm not sure how 'large' qualifies but...) against the house, you need to have the termite folks come out and treat the dirt against the house before laying concrete. otherwise, if you EVER get termites, they can claim you covered an access and caused the infestation.... Also, I built the fram for the concrete. It's not
  14. Thank you. That sounds like a fun thig to go to... I'm surprised with all of the single parents I used to hear about on PCOM, why more don't form a PWP chapter or get involved by responding. But... I suppose like a lot of people in society today... less trusting even when they're right next to their children... Oh well... Thanks again... sounds lika plan
  15. I get my daughter every other weekend and we do Dad/Daughter stuff but it gets to be the same thing, which we like, but I think I need to find her some decent friends when she's here. She's fun, active and a crazy 10 year old and I remember a group called Parents without Partners, but I don't see a Chapter in or near Paulding. If any single parent has young children (child) and has any suggestions for this Saturday...or would like to meet up and maybe meet for lunch, go to the Field of Dreams or a movie (hmm, it may rain)...bowling....basically something for the children..please let me kno
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