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  1. What great presents. I can't wait to see the pics of their reactions. Hope you will post them. Grandchildren are soooo wonderful. Mine give me a reason to keep on going when things get hard.
  2. Hahahaha, I am surprised you know epizoodie. I was raised hearing it as epizoodic. I always thought my daddy made it up then I actually heard Robert Duvall say it in a movie.
  3. I was in an accident 2 years ago. Sam Clark and one of his employees were behind me. They got out to help and were very kind. I needed an ambulance but Sam made sure I knew who he was and that I really wanted the ambulance and there was no pressure. I have heard rumors of this and that but my experience has been that he is kind and ethical. So I am going on my experience. And he has my vote.
  4. I am rarely on here but I think this is a wonderful idea.
  5. My heart is broken for you. I pray the Lord gives you an abundance of strength to get through this.
  6. I am very happy to hear that no one was murdered in my neighborhood. I WAS NOT trying to start rumors but Paulding.Com seems very well informed so I was asking. But I stand chastised and I promise to never ask anything again.
  7. I just received a call that a narcotics agent that lives in my neighborhood was murdered a short while ago. My husband heard the LifeFlight helicopter but we did not know what happened till we received a call from a friend trying to go home from our neighborhood. He had to stop for a while and that is what he was told by someone . Has anyone else heard this terrible, sad thing?
  8. When I called they didn't say anything about 50% but that would certainly be better than 0%.
  9. Because my husband will be 65 in Jan I called the tax office to see what to do about getting our property taxes lowered. All the surrounding counties lower your property tax at 65 but Paulding doesn't lower it till 70!!! Can anyone tell my why this is and who controls that sort of thing? Thanks much
  10. I spoke to a man the other day who told me the original owners of the Catfish Den were re-opening it. He is an old-timer around here and I think he knows them. Anyway, he seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about the whole Catfish Den story.
  11. Thank y'all so much for your support. I will keep you updated on my progress or lack thereof.
  12. I am taking a 12 week mini course in German and I was wondering if anyone (female, preferably) out there speaks German and is interested in making a new friend and helping me learn German. I will tell you a little about myself. I am 57 on the outside and 17 on the inside. I am a mom and a grandma. I don't know why I want to learn German, I just do. I hope the old brain is up to it. So if you speak German and are interested pm me.
  13. I can tell you Paulding does not have enough resources. When my youngest was 18 I knew he was in serious depression and I could not find immediate help anywhere. Right before Christmas that year he almost succeeded. Intensive care for 10 days. Long, ugly story but my point is Paulding desperately needs good, compassionate care for people in depression.
  14. LISTEN TO BLESSED MESS. I have raised 4 boys and I can only tell what DID NOT work. Looking back I think I should have beat the slop out of them every day and twice on Sunday. Even on their good days. But, in all seriousness, think up reasonable consequences as Blessed Mess did and STICK TO IT. We start feeling bad and give in. Don't do it. Be strong. It's hard but you will be glad you did.
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