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  1. Today and tomorrow. 10-4 174 Country Club Ln. In Creekside off Nebo Rd
  2. nezzie


    Does anyone have experience with in home hospice? Who to use and who to stay away from. Thanks
  3. No just saw the ad on another site.
  4. 4 piece snack of chicken tenders. Local restaurant is participating. www.homestyletenders.com for reservation.
  5. We saw some a couple of weeks ago. Google Chinese lanterns or sky laterns, they sell them for parties.
  6. sentrysafe.com US and Canada Customer Service Center at 800-828-1438 From their website Visit our online "Need Help Opening Your Safe?" video tutorial http://www.sentrysafe.com/customerCare/safeMovies.aspx#3clgs or We suggest that you try dialing the combination this way: Turn the dial to zero. Turn the dial to the left (counterclockwise or so the numbers are increasing) three times to the first number of the combination (pass the first number of your combination two times, stopping on it the third time). Turn the dial to the right (clockwise or so the numbers are
  7. There was a med call on Westchester in Creekside a little while ago.
  8. Try ehow.com and search for how to make homemade baby headbands
  9. If you are in New Hope aren't you closer to Bentwater Golf Course? They are part of Canongate and you can play at any of their 23 courses, including Mirror Lake,The Frog and Chapelhill in Douglasville.
  10. Ted's Montana Grill is open Thanksgiving day, they have a special menu you can view on their website.
  11. There is still one in front of Dallas Elementary School in the median.
  12. Kaiser used to allow you to see Wellstar drs but they went their separate ways at the beginning of 2010. We had to change to a Kaiser Dr. They have their own OB/GYN and Ped. Have you been to their website, it lists all the Drs.
  13. The STP website says that Ingles has it
  14. Creekside is having their community yard sale this Saturday also. It is off Nebo RD and Dallas Nebo.
  15. We got to meet Steven on Saturday when he fixed our water pump. He was $350.00 cheaper than the dealer and $150 cheaper than a repair shop in Douglasville. Thanks Steven.
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