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  1. please go to myfoxatlanta.com vote for the south and paulding game of the week . We were ahead this morning and then all the sudden Cambridge high whole school must have stayed out and started voting. Deadline is a noon today
  2. Everyone please go to myfoxatlanta.com and go to contest then game of the week and vote for South Paulding , only have today and tomm. to do.
  3. Can someone give me a good Attorney that deals with Family Law. Need one that will be aggresive and quick not dragging their feet and take your money and do nothing. Thanks for any and all information that you can give.
  4. Im sorry, but your information is incorrect. I have only posted one time before and that was about some dogs missing. Thank you but all has been taken care of now.
  5. Sorry didnt mean to,offend anyone I didnt say any names and I do know the facts but as I said before, the kids are my focus. Toys ,clothes, food and the real meaning of Christmas is what I attend to deliver. God wiling
  6. U have no idea. No getting presents is not what Christmas is all about but somewhere in history that is what become of it. My plans are to take them to a Christmas musical play at my sisters church in Rockmart on c eve. Parents did not ask for charity cause they sleep in till noon they didnt get up in time. U feel me
  7. Yes they do believe in Christmas they however put themselves first . They are not working mom lost job few months ago ,dad lazy .my issue is the mother didnt take out time to ask for the assistance that is available. And tells her kids Santa sled broke down and may not make it at Christmas . I have been praying on how to approach her about that but my main concern is making sure kids will have a Christmas. And thanks to some great people here on PC . Things may happen. If I would have known sooner I would have signed them up my self for some assistance but I found out last NT that the mother
  8. Thanks there are some other things going in with this family but I want the kids to be happy at Christmas and then tje other things will get addressed Rt after
  9. thanks everyone all is taken care of.
  10. What was this guy arrested for in feb. and april?
  11. Did they ever give a description of the men who did this?Not good to have people on the loose .They need to be off the street asap before they harm somebody else.
  12. Please help !! my niece 2 dogs have wandered off and she is in tears . chocolate/white cocker spaniel(Skylar) and a black/ white poodle/maltase( drake) may be on smith Ferguson/ Nebo rd. area .Please call Stacy at 770-256-1117 or 678-448-2451 ..Thanks for any help that can be given to be on the look out . dogs are sweet they are not aggressive Dogs have been found safe and sound. thanks everyone
  13. Has anyone heard of a armed robbery that took place at the crown ridge townhomes in dallas behind krystals? Was supposed to have happened sometime earlier this week.
  14. Not nice to call it ghetto, that is where people do live. Last time I checked crime is more so over in the new ga area ,lots of house break ins and etc, so just so u know Shirley smith manages the so called ghetto and has so for 20 plus years and has done a wonderful job in doing so ,she does not tolerate crime drugs etc and will evict you if u entertain that type of drama,
  15. Live in Hiram no lights .Walmart either cannot get ahold of greystone circuits r down .
  16. Any news on the wreck ,they had the road closed for along time and was routing people down colelake
  17. Anymore news about the person who was shot?
  18. Not trying to be funny, but wasn't it 3 brothers and the younger one that did the killing. So y is it that the one is being put down?
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