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  1. We are 5 miles (maybe a little less) from the airport and our assessed value went up $34,100 this year. It went form $69,000 last year to $103,100 this year.
  2. Well it was Paulding that called me. They may.
  3. I was called once back in 2001. I got out of it because my youngest son was only 3 months old. I filled out the form they sent and hubby took it to the courthouse with our son's birth certificate and she told him I would not have to go because he was only 3 months old. Haven't got anything from them since.
  4. We feel your pain. Hubby's insurance (I have not used mine, except dental) does not cover near as much as it did before o'care kicked in and we are paying more. He has a higher deductible and out of pocket too. As a matter of fact, he just received a bill from an ER visit over a year ago. The insurance will not pay, before o'care kicked it, any time he was seen at the ER or Urgent Care it was paid. We do not know why the bill was so late coming. He just received the bill this week. The ER visit was well over a year ago. When I used my dental a few months ago, it was supposed to pay half. It di
  5. Part of the Zero Tolerance got my 14 year old 3 days in ISS. A big kid was hitting a much smaller kid in class. The teacher was on the computer and not paying attention. My on stepped between the two kids and told the bigger kid if he was going to pick on somebody to pick on him and leave the smaller kid alone. He was put in ISS for 3 days because "it was not his business" to stop the bigger kid. We told him he did the right thing and he would not have any punishment at home. The VP called me and told me he got 3 day ISS because it was not his business and he had no right stopping the big
  6. Ours went off too in Yorkville. Hubby called from Dallas and said it was off there too. He also said it was off in Powder Springs.
  7. LOL Saturday we went to Rockmart and on the way back home, as soon as we turn down Goldmine Rd. we were behind an 18 wheeler carrying a huge round thing. There were regular pickup trucks in front, beside and behind him. Hubby keep asking me what in the world was that truck hauling? I told him I had no idea. I'd never seen anything like it before. He said it was something for the tunnels...LOL
  8. Having been born and raised in Paulding, when I hear someone say North, South, East or West Pauling, my response is always, "Wherever that in." Now, if you say New Hope, Burnt Hickory, Acworth, Braswell, Yorkville, etc., then I understand. Just about everybody I know personally who was born and raised in Paulding are the same way.
  9. I went to The Clothes Ben and bought all my maternity clothes. I couldn't see paying a lot of money for clothes I'd wear less than a year. I bought them when I was pregnant with my oldest and hold on to them to wear again with my other two pregnancies. After my youngest was born, I got rid of them.
  10. We have internet with them. I just got m bill for this month and it went up 10 dollars! It said to see the comments for bill changing info., but nothing was there except about them going up if a tech has to go to your house. I looked it up and in the Comcast Board thing people were complaining about their bills going up. Some went up as much as 30 dollars a month. They also said they were not given a notice or reason. I really wish we could get ATT, but they don't serve my area.
  11. We live in Yorkville and hubby had to go back to work today. He didn't go in until a little after 11:00 this morning. He called and said the roads from home to his job were fine. He works on Legion Rd. in Dallas. He drove Goldmine to 278.
  12. I keep both of mine home. I called the school and asked about them being absent. The school said it is counted as an absence. Then I called the BOE. They said it "was a good question and they haven't thought about that." So, now I'm waiting on the person in charge of attendance to call me back.
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