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  1. Did you sign a contract with the agent? You might still be dealing with the agent if you signed a contract.
  2. I saw Sandhills and thought this was about the sand truck that turned over yesterday and dumped sand hills on the road. I was pleasantly surprised to see birds!
  3. You are right - it is a fantastic documentary. It is long. I have watched it at least 3 times. All these years I thought "I Can't Tell You Why" was Timothy Schmidt.
  4. Our pool froze over. Solid sheet of ice on top of the water.
  5. Yes, I just bought some last Thursday at the Ceramic shop behind Jim & Nick's. I don't know the name of it but it is right next door to Mellow Mushroom. Very reasonably priced!
  6. Lady Raider, I know I take my parents for granted sometimes and then when I read a post like yours it reminds me that I could lose them at any given moment. I am so sorry for your loss and I know your pain will never really go away. I do believe you have a guardian angel watching your every move and celebrating with you over the good times in your life.
  7. My youngest son is an assist mgr with McD. He works a heck of a lot harder and longer hours than most people even would dream of doing. Flipping burgers sounds really simple, but I can tell you there is a lot of detail, planning, goals that have to be met, (such as labor costs have to be kept at a certain level, customer wait times are supposed to be kept at certain level, orders for supplies and food, scheduling crew members, hiring and firing, filling in for people who call in sick, training and the list goes on and on), not to mention handling irate customers. I would not do his job for
  8. Call the tax assessor's office. They will have knowledge of all the properties in the county. I am just not sure if they will have current ownership. or Call the tax commissioner's office. They will have ownership information as to who owned the property as of Jan. 1st of this year. Good luck!
  9. Call the tax assessor's office or the Tax commissioner's office. You will need to give them the address. The tax assessor's office will have records of all properties in the county, but I am not sure if they will have current ownership on record. The tax commissioner's office will know who owns the property as of Jan 1st of this year. Good luck
  10. My grandmother used to say that if it thundered in winter, it would snow within 10 days. It may only be flurries, but I have seen it come true many, many times.
  11. What I was trying to say was: I work for real estate attorney and I am a closer. The Intangible tax is based on the loan amount and is 3% of the loan amount. The State Transfer tax is based on the purchase price and is 1% of the purchase price. Recording fees are not included in the intangibles and the state transfer tax fees: for Recording (each document) the fee is $10.00 for the first page and #2.00 for each additional page.
  12. I owe someone an apology. I was trying to reply to a post and somehow I edited the original post. I haven't posted in a couple of years and I actually forgot how. I do apologize - Lawlady
  13. I live right off East Paulding and I didn't even hear sirens. Possibly they were on the opposite end of EP or I was just lost in my own little world. Hopefully all is well and no one was hurt in whatever occurred.
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