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  1. I feel cheated. That is all I can think to say. Left social media for a bit just under a year. I never knew she was sick. I didn't know she was gone even. I was asking Kristi yesterday if we could do lunch again. I am shocked, sad, and teary eyed several times during the day. Last summer Kristi, Kathy, and I had lunch off Ridge where I tried to make amends. It was a fun date I had terrible empty nest syndrome and Kathy was the first to hold me up in prayer. Didn't know each other but online in 2003. That touched me and I never forgot. This is just crazy. She wasn't posting on FB so I mes
  2. ANG

    Hi everybody!

    You are the very reason I went to "play" on FB and never came back! :lol Remember? will do She is in Florida and doing well. Yeah they were
  3. Just passing through. I got to thinking about the old days and started to miss you guys Sure would like to have a good old Pcom meet and greet or reunion. Lady Raider, you still out there? Cardie? Kitty? Pubmeister? Cableman? Freebird? Guess I should hang out more. Some of you have probably changed your names. I wouldn't know who I was talking to lol
  4. ANG


    It's too late now to order Christmas presents but I have a lot of Birthdays coming up. I miss her soaps and baskets. She can always email me if anyone knows. It looks like she has not been on for awhile 3ang30141@comcast.net
  5. ANG


    Thank you mysterious
  6. ANG


    I would like an invite. It's strange that I just went there today and to now see this post. 3ang30141@comcast.net Thank you
  7. What time do they start? I'm thinking the little guys @ 6?
  8. We have never had to pay the $3 and been there all the way through Wachovia and Southtrust before that. Idk? Maybe because we have a business acct as well?
  9. Sorry, but I would welcome a crash. Last time we made out like a bandit. For the past year we have been "stable" Come on....throw the eggs.
  10. ANG

    Handicap Parking

    Yes and yes. Thank you I would love to post a pic. You cannot see the plates at all.
  11. ANG

    Handicap Parking

    Thanks I have very good pictures. I have walked the whole complex and no other buildings have this problem. If the picture I have does not show the tag nimbers can I post? Pubby? Both of their vehicles are in the slotted and the handicap slots....Unbelievable.... Done. Yes that is a great site! Nothing, it has nothing to do with it. Simply put it is the law....
  12. ANG


    Thank you all! I have more than enough to choose from with all of the phone calls. I appreciate you
  13. Oh my gosh aren't they just the best?!
  14. ANG

    Verizon or AT&T?

    I did not know that. That makes a huge difference to me. Thanks
  15. I know, I know. I go away,come back and post, go away again lol. I like to get it all out of the way. I miss my housekeepers so much. They were awesome for 4 years but now have moved away. I need my housekeeping back badly. If anyone here has a business or is just a fantastic cleaner, please call 678 468 3000
  16. ANG

    Carousel horse

    Hmmm. No one, huh? Doesn't have to be an expert. Just someone with a steady hand.
  17. Pretty self-explanatory. Having a hard time deciding.
  18. ANG

    Handicap Parking

    Yes we have. That is how we knew the guy was military. It's he and his wife and 2 small children straight above me on the 3rd floor.
  19. ANG

    Handicap Parking

    Thank you I will try again for the 4th time....
  20. ANG

    Handicap Parking

    The columns apartments
  21. Who do you complain to? Paulding Sheriff, DMV, or State Patrol. This is a habitual person we are talking about here. Anytime of day and plenty of other spaces. It's almost as if they have claimed it for themselves. Tom's Father has to walk with a walker and because they are parked in the striped slot next to the handicap slot, he cannot open the door wide enough to get the walker out. The guy is military and should know better. Thanks
  22. Anyone know who can do touch up paint and polish this up? Send a message and estimate please...I want this horse to come alive! ang30141@comcast.net Thanks
  23. That was what was on the car. It's a 2.5L V6 1998 Chrysler sebring coup. Not convertible. Does that help? I will call you in AM. Thanks
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