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I went to work with Hubby a couple of years ago, it was Dec. 23 and REALLY cold outside. Whenever there is a fire, they call the power company to shut off power because it's one less thing the fireman need to deal with. Fire has always scared me, but this gave me a whole new perspective. When we turned down the road, all I could see was blue and red lights and flames. Hubby jumped out of the truck, yelled at me to get a meter cover and a locking band and follow him. We got maybe 50 feet from the house, he made contact with the firemen, told me to stay put and went to pull to meter and seal the meter socket. I have never been so scared in my life. The flames were out the roof, it was scorching hot and the noise was deafening. And it all started from a plug with adapter after adapter plugged in one outlet with Christmas lights plugged into them.


We stayed until the flames were out and were able to walk through the house and it was awful. How do you recover from a fire? Luckily no one was hurt.


Prayers to all involved.

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