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  1. I'm setting all the replies invisible because everyone was attacking everyone else. Let's try it again. Don't attack other people, and that includes attacks on Pubby. Play nice and you'll be treated nice.
  2. PCOM Rule #9. "Violations may result in you getting a Bullet. The deputies may also reward you with a "Mayberry." Bullets are "over par" or positive numbers below your screen name. Mayberries are "under par" or negatives below your screen name. Only you can see these. Bullets are bad. Mayberries are good. When the bullet count gets to three (3), there is a three (3) day suspension. Four (4) bullets will mean five (5) days off. Five (5) bullets equals eight ( days of no posting. Six (6) will mean a fourteen (14) day suspension. When seven (7) bullets are reached, that's a twenty-one (21) day ba
  3. That is what pubby said, as well. I found a legend on IP.Board's own website but this is not inclusive nor are all of the listed emoticons enabled on Paulding.com Emoticons legend Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
  4. This problem started when pubby disabled all of the features that use JavaScript after the site was hacked. The prevent the HTML line break tags from appearing in your replies, go to your Control Panel Settings and uncheck "Enable visual (RTE) editor?".
  5. G-o-l-l-y, I'm glad you finally had a chance to say that. I prefer regular cow cheese. Pubby would need to chime in on what the current situation is with either a fix or upgrade, though I don't think he would turn down any donations or offers of early renewals.
  6. Pubby discovered a few days ago that a malicious hacker had apparently injected code that redirected users to a spam website. Pubby took measures to kill the hack but at the same time, apparently also killed any function that uses JavaScript (dropdown menus, topic previews, the Rich Text Editor, etc.) Additionally, he must have done something that effected how line breaks (returns) in posts are properly converted to HTML for viewing because now the HTML code for line break is displayed when quoting a post. Pubby said in the other topics that he was waiting on other experts to fix the probl
  7. I don't know what was going on earlier but I see all three topics are now visible in the Internet Cafe. I will be moving the topics to Wanted: Goods and Services.
  8. Golly SusieQ, men don't know anything about manicures. I do know that when Aunt Bee makes apple pie, she puts a layer of crust in the pan, then pours in a layer of the good stuff, then covers it with another layer of crust. Is paving the road something like that?
  9. Hello Lucky. Did you bring coffee and donuts for this meeting?
  10. Send a message to pubby, he is the only administrator. Anything a moderator can help with?
  11. It looks like this thread has run its course and is getting off subject.
  12. You may have noticed that Paulding.com has an indistinct "The Andy Griffith Show" theme that relates this online community to the TV show community of Mayberry. The forum moderators are titled as Mayberry Sheriff and their names are characters from the "The Andy Griffith Show" (as well as from other shows that these characters were in.) Instead of using terms such as "sanction", we "give bullets" when someone is out of order. (Maybe pubby derived this from the TV show where Andy gives Barney only one bullet to carrying in his shirt pocket after Barney shows a lack of ability to handle his
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