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I am at election board right now following recount in paulding election board. Final results will be reported in about 20 minutes. The finall certified results according to deidre Holden were 2,980 for Valbuena and 2,973 for Collins, which was posted around 12:25 pm today. There were 3 accepted provisional ballots (2 went to Collins and 1 to Valbuena) which made the difference of only 7 votes between them. Both Valbuena and Collins are here along with election board and county attorney. I will report final tally as soon as the recount is done.

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Judge Valbuena will remain the Paulding County Chief Magistrate after a re-count of Tuesday's Republican run-off was conducted earlier today. The vote spread remained 8 votes. congrats to Judge Valbuena!



I'm glad he won. I've gone up before him on many occasions, with tenant/landlord issues. I found him to be fair and easy to talk to and understand. I also admire his work in the Boy Scouts-being a scouter myself! It was very close though!!

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