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  1. Bettie was a wonderful person with a huge heart for children. She was so good to me and CASA. I remember all the work she did coordinating Coats for Kids. Rest in peace Bettie. Love and prayers to Jim and the family.
  2. Tara - I haven't been on p.com for a while and just saw this - I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister. ((Hugs)) I'm so glad you had the time with Shannon before she went to become an angel looking over you. Her love and will always be with you. Lifting you in prayers. Martha Carver aka penguin
  3. Great news...just wish our court systems could stand up to this giant pyramid scheme in the USA....How in the heck Scientology classifies as a "church" is beyond me! Thanks for posting - that made my day!
  4. prayers said...my thoughts are with you. Martha aka penguin
  5. Gipper Girl, Congrats on your 10K post! The Paulding.com Talks Too Darn Much Committee proudly presents you with this lovely T2DM Trophy. - Hope you have a nice place to display it. And remember to keep on post'n! Martha aka penguin
  6. I'm sure there is a Karoke tape for Rockstar (if not just play the video in the background) - so set up a 'stage area' video camera, and mics for all the little Rockstars. After a little pratice they can make their own Rockstar video for youtube Might need to run by the dollar store for some cheap sun glasses and make up. Hope they have a great time...I don't forget to post some pics afterward on p.com Martha aka penguin
  7. I will be letting p.com know what I'm up to... and hanging around. as the matter of fact I have more time to see some of my Paulding friends now. ...who knows I might even swing by for a big ol hug from LPPT soon.
  8. Thanks for the sweet comments. All the Paulding community and p.com is what makes it a great program! I feel honored to have been a part of Paulding and make so many great friends.
  9. I just wanted to thank all the wonderful p.com friends that have help me out as the director of CASA Paulding over the last 13 years. I have resigned as the director for a well needed break and to pursue some other interest. It has really meant so much to me the great sense of community and support to the CASA program and activities from p.com. I encourage everyone to continue volunteering and supporting the CASA Paulding program to serve abused and neglected children. Martha Carver aka penguin
  10. We are fine at the Carver Compound in Douglasville, off hwy 92 near the 'hooch. But...it's been a real mess in Douglas County just like Paulding. 5 deaths in Douglas County today. Prayers for all those that have lost loved ones and homes because of the flood. Everyone stay safe and dry!
  11. Great news - wow that was a big tumor...I'm so glad they were able to remove it. Continued prayers.
  12. Have a great time and don't get too muddy...someone will think you're a salamander
  13. Thank you - it turned out to be a great b'day even if I did turn 50
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