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  1. I didn't prove your point, I disproved your point. You said the more guns the more likely there is of an accident and that is purely false... You even reiterated it in this post. And no, sorry, the price of imperfection of guns is not a definitive death. Just like with automobiles, trains, knives, and any other items, guns, when misused, can injure or kill. I can hit you with a car and not kill you, just like I could shoot you with a gun and not kill you. There is no "policy" of guns everywhere. And as I've already made clear, the number of guns makes no difference in the number of tragedies. A negligent parent who is careless and puts their child in dangerous situations will do just that, no matter if guns are involved or how many guns are involved. Irresponsible parenting is the problem. And the parents who will allow their child to be put in a dangerous situation will do just that, whether it be a firearm, climbing on a kitchen counter around boiling hot water, or playing in the car on a hot summer day. As usual, your comments lack any logic.
  2. Complete and total bullcrap, Pubby. The number of guns in homes has absolutely NO impact on the number of injuries or deaths of children by firearms. It wouldn't matter if a household had one firearm or fifty firearms, the chances of a child messing with them do not change. What changes the odds of a child being hurt by a firearm is nothing more than parent responsibility. There is absolutely NO other factor. If the parent is negligent, the risk increases. Negligence on the parents part can include lack of education and supervision and the lack of keeping the firearms where children do not have access too them. And obviously, as this incident shows, the negligence of the parent to handle a firearm responsibly and with due care & caution, when around other people. Your childhood friend that you say you lost to a firearm 'accident' was purely and solely due to parental negligence, plain and simple. Intentional or not, it's negligence. As I said before, there's no such thing as an "Accidental discharge" with a firearm.
  3. It's been a while since I've been on and I just popped in to see what was going on... First, I don't have a clue as to what type of gun was involved in this scenario. I haven't been able to read any coverage as to what actually happened. I just heard about the tragedy, through the grapevine. With that said, there is no way, a modern handgun, that hasn't been altered, can be dropped and go off. Second, I really hate it when these types of things are reported as "accidental shootings." It wasn't an accident, it was negligence, plain and simple. I'm guessing it may not have been a modern firearm or someone disabled/removed a safety on the firearm. Absolutely horrible incident, but it was no accident. Whoever was in control of the weapon was negligent and irresponsible, period. How or why the weapon discharged is a secondary concern. Was it modified or did the weapon malfunction? Possibly. Doesn't really matter as you should handle ALL weapons as if they are loaded and they should NEVER be pointed at anyone or anything that you don't intend to destroy. Cleaning, inspecting, servicing, or whatever else, you always check the weapon to make sure it's clear and then you still treat it as if it's loaded. If the gun discharges and hurts someone, who is at fault? The person who was in control at the time of the discharge. I have been around guns all my life, have shot hundreds upon hundreds of different types of weapons and I have yet to see one discharge without human input. As far as your descriptions on the older weapons, stradial, there's not much I could add. You did a pretty good job of covering the safety mechanisms on the older weapons as well as the descriptions on how firing pin and primers interact. The only thing I think I could add is another type of "unexpected" fire is what is known as a "slam fire." This is sometimes caused by a mechanical defect in the firing pin, such as it being broken." The most common problem that causes a "slam fire" is poor maintenance. What happens, whether it be from being a broken firing pin or from the firing pin "locking up" due to poor maintenance, is that the firing pin will stick and the striking surface of the pin will be protruded out of the bolt/breach face. Once the first round is discharged, the pin hangs and as the bolt (slide) cycles, pushes another round in to battery, the protruding pin will ignite that newly chambered round and the gun will continue to cycle fully automatic until the magazine is empty or something else stops it, such as a malfunction. In any case, it was a horrible tragedy that could have easily been avoided.
  4. Then go back and read what was written and then what I said. It was stated that the cars have specialized air conditioner systems in them. I stated that they are not specialized AC systems and that it was another system that monitors the internal temperature of the vehicle and rolls the windows down if the internal temperature threshold is met. The system that rolls down the windows has absolutely nothing to do with air conditioning system at all. The system that rolls down the windows also gives the officer the ability to remotely open the door and let the K-9 out of the vehicle. It has nothing to do with the factory air conditioning system.
  5. Well, not really... there's nothing special about the AC units. The officers leave the vehicles running so the AC stays running. The "special design" if you want to call it that, is an inside thermostat that monitors the internal vehicle temperature. That system is tied to the windows. If for some reason, the vehicles AC system stops working and the temperature rises above a safe point, the system will trigger the vehicles windows to roll down.
  6. April 9th is not the day the American Civil War ended. It is the day that General Lee surrendered the Northern Virginia Army. The war didn't officially end until June 2nd, when General Smith surrendered. General Smith was the last Confederate commander to surrender his forces, which was the end of the war.
  7. I'm all about Elvis trivia.... That was on the Steve Allen Show and Elvis absolutely hated doing it.
  8. Also, through an acquaintance of mine, who works for Comcast.... Channel 23's whole programming lineup is run by the county, not Comcast. Everything you see from Channel 23 is being broadcast from the administration building. Comcast is only providing the means to actually bringing it to your home. The schedule and content is from the county.
  9. I'm sorry that you were told that and didn't take it further, but you were told incorrectly. If you live in Georgia, it doesn't matter where you live... cruelty to animals is a state law: § 16-12-4. Cruelty to animals (a) As used in this Code section, the term: (1) "Animal" shall not include any fish nor shall such term include any pest that might be exterminated or removed from a business, residence, or other structure. (2) "Malice" means: (A) An actual intent, which may be shown by the circumstances connected to the act, to cause the particular harm produced without justification or excuse; or ( The wanton and willful doing of an act with an awareness of a plain and strong likelihood that a particular harm may result. ( A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals when he or she: (1) Causes physical pain, suffering, or death to an animal by any unjustifiable act or omission; © A person commits the offense of aggravated cruelty to animals when he or she knowingly and maliciously causes death or physical harm to an animal by rendering a part of such animal's body useless or by seriously disfiguring such animal. A person convicted of the offense of aggravated cruelty to animals shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, a fine not to exceed $15,000.00, or both, provided that any person who is convicted of a second or subsequent violation of this subsection shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, a fine not to exceed the amount provided by Code Section 17-10-8, or both. (d) A person commits the offense of aggravated cruelty to animals when he or she: (1) Maliciously causes the death of an animal; (2) Maliciously causes physical harm to an animal by depriving it of a member of its body, by rendering a part of such animal's body useless, or by seriously disfiguring such animal's body or a member thereof; (3) Maliciously tortures an animal by the infliction of or subjection to severe or prolonged physical pain; (4) Maliciously administers poison to an animal, or exposes an animal to any poisonous substance, with the intent that the substance be taken or swallowed by the animal; or
  10. The Gamo Bone Collector is one of the best, non 'professional' or 'competition' air rifles you can buy. The accuracy and speed is dang near un-matched, especially if you use the correct pellets. We chronographed a regular pellet and one of their pointed tip pellets and the muzzle velocity was staggeringly higher on the pointed tips.
  11. It IS against the law. Unless the animal is threatening you or causing damage to your property, simply killing a domesticated animal for fun is animal cruelty. And banning the object is a ridiculous, over-reacting emotional idea. There plenty of people out there who use them responsibly. Sorry you lost a pet, but it wasn't because of the bb/pellet gun. You lost a pet because of an asshole. As was stated before, the gun was the least of the problem... If you know who did it, then you can have them arrested for animal cruelty. Deal with and punish the problem.
  12. Yes, actually it is irrelevant because it wasn't a valid race to compare each car. As stated, the driver of the Challenger screwed up big time. First, he red lit and then lifted. Then, after the red lit, he hammered it and started spinning the tires and never lifted or pedaled it. That video showed nothing but a race of the driver skill... not one bit of vehicle comparative performance. As a heads up drag race, it was valid. As a race to compare performance of the two vehicles, it wasn't. With that said, there's no doubt that an electric vehicle is capable of producing more power than a gas engine. Electric motors produce instant torque and have a very steep power curve.
  13. Good question. Why don't you ask Pubby that instead of me? Since, my initial comment to him was simply, "FYI.... suicide is not a crime." That's the only thing I said. He's the one who had to put up some irrelevant diatribe to try to cover what he said that was wrong. Why don't you ask Pubby why it's SO important to be right since he's the one trying to justify himself.
  14. You can still call the police for someone who is threatening suicide. And unless they do something to threaten the police or others, the police won't arrest the person. They can and will likely take that person in to "protective custody" and try to get that person some help, either via the a court order or just take them to a local counseling group. If the person is truly looking for help, the police will help them get that help. If the person is hell bent on killing them-self, the police will likely ask the court to evaluate and recommend protective custody counseling. In either case, if the person doesn't harm another, there won't be a criminal charge. As far as judging your decision... That's a call only you can make at the time. Many people have said something to the effect of, "Damn, this is just too much... I'm just tired of life..." It's a depressive expression that a lot of people use and have no intention or real thoughts of acting on. That is something that has to be evaluated on a case by case basis and observing the actions and mood of the person who uses it.
  15. #1. Can you ever just say, "Yep, I made a mistake... my bad?" #2. The topic at hand is the body found at Burnt Hickory park. It has nothing to do with the two states that currently have suicide on the books as a crime. Burnt Hickory park is in Georgia, where it is not a crime. #3. Georgia doesn't recognize 'English common law" So again, that is irrelevant.
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