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  1. Happy Anniversary OSU! The 18th will be our 18th anniversary. December will be 19 years since we met. We didn't meet and marry until we were 31, so I doubt we will live to see our 51st! His parents did though. They are now in their 80s and still going. They did sell their 2 story 4 bedroom home in northern Minnesota and move to the cities into an apartment within a retirement community a few years ago. That way they are closer to my sister in law and have help if needed.
  2. The Sound Guy, we have the same issue with my husband and his sizes, so we also order online for him. As for myself, no one in any of the Hiram or Dallas stores have electric scooters available unless it is Target, Walmart or a grocery store chain. Best Buy, JcP, Kohl's, Michael's, PetSmart, etc. none of them have scooters available for use. I told a BestBuy manager to their face that it was really bad service and makes them look bad to not have electric scooters for use considering that they are a technology store!
  3. Good! The last item thrown wasn't a rock like had been previously thrown. The last time was a partially full beer bottle. That driver couldn't drive their vehicle home because the bottle went through the windshield. I can't believe it was someone who is supposed to be an ADULT doing this!
  4. My entire life I was a wrapping paper only type of person. I even went as far as using ribbon to tied around the gifts and make pretty bows. Then as the carpal tunnel and other issues caused worsening pain in my hands, I started adding bags. So now we have both! LOL Go to QVC.com and they have 25 to 75 piece bag sets for fairly cheap while also being pretty. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. It's just the 2 of us. Last year it was just me because my husband went deer hunting with some friends in New Hampshire. This year he will be having vacation at home. Sometimes we have picked up the turkey dinner from Publix, but this year he has said he wants to make the turkey. He is a good cook though. Better than I am actually! Since it is just the 2 of us then probably just roasted turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls and mashed potatoes. Come Christmas he usually likes to make a ham.
  6. We do have a State Patrol office in the county but it is small. I think the current jail would make the perfect office for them.
  7. Try Dr. Laurie Robbins at Unified Premier Women's Care. They are near Kennestone Hospital and there are several doctors practicing in the same clinic. 770-427-0285
  8. Did they ever release the suspect's name or the reason for the warrant?
  9. I've heard that too. Hence, why I have been anxious to hear what the persimmons are forecasting.
  10. The worms are on the trees every year, but some years we have more worms than other years. Yes, the worms do eat the leaves but they won't kill the tree. My great grandfather had a tree that they appeared every year on. We called it the "worm tree" as we used the caterpillars for fishing! LOL
  11. This would be AWESOME! Does anyone have a link for confirmation?
  12. Renfroe has now been charged with murder, arson, tampering with evidence and assault.
  13. I haven't heard about this. Who is the suspect in this crime?
  14. TWO? Who is the 2nd one? I've just seen a rumor posted that the SWAT team is out on Dallas Nebo Road but I haven't heard why.
  15. I am sorry, I didn't make myself clear or assumed most people who know me know this about us by now. My husband doesn't work at the airport, he is in and out of Hartsfield at least 4 times a month as a customer. He works for a company whose world headquarters are out of Germany. The company designs, produces and provides maintenance to food packaging machines around the world and many are here in the U.S. (CocaCola, Gatorade, Pepsi, Deer Park, Heinz, Campbell's, etc, etc.)He is sent out on assignments that are from 1-2 weeks long anywhere in the U.S. and sometimes Canada. Although in the 90s h
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