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  1. what is going to be across the street from Hospital on Bill Carruth Parkway and 278 ?
  2. PSA: Tomorrow we will be hosting multiple agencies for a Basic Lidar (Laser) Operators Course at the Police Department sponsored by the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy. Wanted to make folks aware we weren’t contracting outside agencies to help us meet our end of the month quotas that we supposedly have according to most driving award recipients. #HiramPD
  3. The perks of living in Haralson County there is NO school on Mondays so we will not have to worry about this
  4. I work on Cadillac Parkway and it was very scary for a bit but I don't see any damage on Greystone Blvd .
  5. we live in Corinth Community and have a Bobcat .. I can ask my husband
  6. Our trucks have been working at nights helping pave this ... I'm thinking that this should be complete by the end of this week ..
  7. Our church has a clothes closet and will take anything from furniture or clothes to house goods
  8. how much for your sand blaster ?
  9. Has anyone heard if South Paulding Middle school is on Lockdown and if so.. WHY???
  10. Does anyone know what happened to the house on smith Ferguson Rd with the Crime Tape and police officers ??
  11. This is nightly at Haralson County High Stadium ... Starts at 7pm nightly through Wednesday night Come out for some great worship and music Wednesday night is Youth night and FREE PIZZA
  12. Just came by from where the wreck was yesterday and the GSP is doing a investigation . Does anyone have any updates on how the people from the wreck are doing ? I came by this yesterday as it happened .. It was really bad
  13. I pulled up on this wreck yesterday as it had just happened ... It looked really bad . I was wondering if anyone out there may have any news how the people in the cars were ...
  14. O' WOW !!! This is only about 2 miles from my house .. But I have church friends that live on Honeysuckle and Mcbrayer and I cant get them on the phone .. Thanks for sharing this
  15. I just got a Nixel Alert that Honeysuckle , Weaver , Mcbrayer Rd is shut down due to police activity .... I have friends that live in that area and cant get them on the phone .... Does anyone know what is going on ??
  16. I have gotten several emails Nixle Alerts that the Railroad has shut down crossings . What is going on ???
  17. I also want to say a BIG OLE THANK YOU to Paulding county Sheriff Office for all they did last night ! They did a AWESOME job !!!!
  18. He is a cousin of mine and I was there till around 9:30 last night and had never been found .. The Blood hounds from cobb county and GA state patrol heliocopter came also using there infrared cameras ... He was found around 10:15 close to the house .. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out .. I haven't heard this morning on his condition
  19. I take my daughter to one at Peidmont and she is awesome !!! (She is not a pediatric one) Dr.Nancy Weiner .. If you want her number let me know
  20. Really bad wreck on Buchanan hwy this morning. Going toward Dallas. Life flight is landing now. Praying all involved
  21. Just incase you do wear your Flip Flops .. Make sure you get you some of these
  22. I was just told this last night by someone and was trying to find out if it is even true statement. I am thinking he is lying but just wondering. I think the name of the subdivision is OAK something ??
  23. Did anyone hear of a HUGE meth drug bust in a subdivision on Ridge Road tonight around 6 pm
  24. I Love mine !!! It does very good on tile floors and If they need stripping or a really good deep cleaning add a little amnonia to the steamer and you can just watch the dirt roll up . The steamer is also vey good on Hard Wood Floors
  25. Bollen's in Bremen .. 770-646-5858. We just installed a new Yodler stove to our existing fireplace and they did it ... I love it to .
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