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  1. Are they running a pipe line. And if so, what kind.
  2. Scrap metal pickup. Bremen/Corinth area on Ga 120. 2 metal desk, 1 pallet jack and some some misc metal. Need gone today. Items have been picked up
  3. In need of a Bobcat for about a 2 hour job. Located Corinth on Ga 120 on Holcombe Rd. Bremen Ga
  4. The company we currently use, this morning the driver must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. When backing into our drive way (we are the last stop on a dead end road) he ran over there garbage bin and shoved into a tree. Then slung it around trying to get it hooked up to dump into the truck. Also maybe once a month we may put something extra at the curb for pickup and they refuse to pick it up unless I pay additional charges. There are some weeks we don't even fill up the garbage can. So I am looking for a new pickup service. We live in the Yorkville/Rockmart area. Thanks in advance
  5. Looking for a store in Paulding that will be having a Santa Claus and offering pictures. Please let me know. Thanks Don
  6. Originally posted in Wanted: Goods and Services. Had no response. Looking for someone that picks up cardboard to recycle. We are located on Ga 120 in Haralson County between Buchanan and Corinth Community. Please PM me or leave a responce here.
  7. This may be in the wrong forum section, Admins let me know. I need maximum exposure. The company that I work for in Rockmart, is looking to rent a 28 ft or 45 ft semi trailer for about 45 - 60 days for storage purposes and at a later date to be moved to Bremen for us to unload. We need one that has no water leaks. All the major semi trailer rentals companies want an $5,000 certified check to hold until the trailer is returned. We are a small company looking to help another small company. If you can help or know of someone that can help us, please let me know. Yes we will pay for the servic
  8. McDonald's in Hiram on fire, can some one confirm please. Not sure if it is the one on 61 or 278 EDIT to change location
  9. My sister found a camera on 61 in Dallas around 7PM today 3/25/2013. Contact me with description of the camera and I will relay information to her. The camera was not damaged that she can tell. Contact me at dashoward at hotmail dot com. I am working late tonight so it may be a couple of hours before I can respond to your e-mail.
  10. Well AT&T finally showed up Tuesday March 5th at 9AM. The tech showed me the speed coming up to our phone box outside. The speed was 7.3M. In the house it was .89M. He said to replace out Cat-5 cable and all should be good. He was the nicest service tech guy I have ever encountered. Very friendly and gave me 2 phone numbers to call if that did not fix the problem, to keep from having to go thru phone tech support to have them come back out if the Cat-5 cable did not work.
  11. Well, three days in a row and no show on the tech to come out and check to see what is wrong.
  12. These are the test I ran on speedtest.net. We are paying for 6M DL. No where near that all day long. 3/3/2013 6:30 AM GMT 0.66 Mb/s 0.19 Mb/s 45 ms Atlanta, GA ~ 50 mi Image 3/3/2013 4:27 AM GMT 0.15 Mb/s 0.14 Mb/s 41 ms Atlanta, GA ~ 50 mi Image 3/2/2013 11:05 PM GMT 3.01 Mb/s 0.14 Mb/s 45 ms Atlanta, GA ~ 50 mi Image 3/2/2013 7:01 PM GMT 0.81 Mb/s 0.18 Mb/s 45 ms Atlanta, GA ~ 50 mi Image 3/2/2013 7:49 AM GMT 0.62 Mb/s 0.17 Mb/s 65 ms Carrollton, GA ~ 50 mi Image
  13. Evening PCom folks, Anyone on AT&T DSL, having bad,slow or no internet at all. We live in the Yorkville area off of Vinson Mountain Rd. For several days we have had little to no service. Called tech support and they said they would send a tech out Saturday, March 2nd to check things out. We were told they would arrive between 1pm and 5pm. Well guess what, they never showed up or called to let us know they were not coming. Called tech support again and was told the service ticket is still open. So now they may come Sunday or Monday. Just wanted to know if anyone else is having conne
  14. Hello PC Members. I am looking for people that do Model RailRoad or collect Model RailRoad items. I got back into N-Scale RailRoading a few years ago. And I am looking for others to chat with and swap ideas with on my layout that I hope to be doing in a year or so after the kids get moved out. Send me a PM if you are interested in getting together. Also I am always looking to purchase items, N-Scale only at this time. Thanks Don
  15. Hello P.com members. I am looking for someone that would donate some time and climb up a tree about 30 - 40 ft to get a helicopter that I got stuck in a tree. We tried a tree stand climber, but the tree is to large at the base to start the climb. If you are bored and looking for something to do for a few minutes, I would really appreciate it very much. You can contact me at 404-987-3762. I live in the Yorkville area off of Vinson Mountain Road on Quail Mountain Path. Thanks Don
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