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  1. Thankful for your persistence to Family and the place you call HOME! If PAULDING County Georgia only had a few HYper LOcal Website.... on FACEBOOK instead of the 500 or so you would have had that sign in your HOOD in about a WEEK or so. Speaking from experience. People talk about OUR Taxes here in Paulding county... any IDEA what the COUNTY spends on SOCIAL Media ?!?!? That's another topic.... sorry for Hi-Jack-N your thread!!!
  2. This was Posted on Facebook by Westridge Church in Dallas Ga. Please Share.... Today we're shining a light on Slavery! Join us and raise your voice for FREEDOM for the 40.3 million men, women, and children in modern-day slavery. Draw an on your hand and post it using #EndItMovement. Awareness is doing the work but must lead to ACTION. As a church, let's tell our community, country, and the world that we're in it to END IT!
  3. Please Help "US" Save a Paulding County Neighbor's LIFE! Please, if you live in Paulding County Georgia PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Spread the WORD! We currently have a "Wrecked Display" @ Hw. 92 & Antioch Rd in Dallas Georgia. Here Is the LINK from the story 16 Years ago that started it all. ENJOY! We need 4 more LOCATIONS in Paulding County to erect other Displays... can you POST where you believe one of these displays would benefit fellow Paulding Countians! Blessings to ALL who read this and PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to SPREAD the WORD! Here are some more pictures of the 2020 Wrecked display being erected to save a fellow Paulding County Neighbors life campaign!
  4. I have not dealt with that just upper res. infection a few months ago... took some antibiotics... 2 rounds actually. Have had a HEAD cold for 3 weeks! This weather does not help Hope your Boy gets to feeling better.
  5. RickB, The ball is in your court I mean video! ps. In case for whatever reason you can’t watch/read the video.... Your time is just as valuable as my time. If you wanna put the address in this post or text me I will go take the chocolate chip cookies to your neighbor with or without you my friend! I have no idea how to get there but I will need your assistance With that! Caped
  6. Yes sir, if I was the driver of that FedEx vehicle I would want my neighbor to knock on the door and express their concern . Especially if I did not have an H O A also I would like my neighbor to bring me cookies preferably either M&M or chocolate chip from any grocery deli and if you were to say to me.. hey, I brought these I’d like to meet you and break bread with you I have some things to talk to you about. I would listen to you with an open mind and heart if you use that terminology... Break bread! I’m sure if you go there with a pure heart you’ll come to a resolution by the time you ate three cookies with your new friend/neighbor. Anyway please keep us posted BTW, it would be my pleasure to go with you if you don’t have someone that will. I will go with you if you like I’ll even bring the props! Caped BTW... to p.com and GN!
  7. I’m just enjoying a cup of coffee as well and enjoying the sunshine and the wildlife! Hard to believe that it’s only 34° outside thankful for the sunshine !!! R & R for most of the day just decompressing and catching up from a hectic week. Enjoy your newspaper and coffee !
  8. Probably why the powers to be are putting it to STATE VOTE! From what I heard at the 1.18.2020 Meeting in Dallas Both sides of the GOLD Dome will give and take this year to work together and no concession from either side on GAMBLING or FLOWER IMHO OIL and Flower would Benefit the MASSES medically speaking.
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