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  1. Is there any way to access the 911/sheriff scanner archives for free?
  2. Prayers for you and your family!
  3. My mom used to take us every year to see the Hardy Lights. Why did they stop doing them-because of the traffic or for another reason?
  4. Great to see a post from you! Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!
  5. Prayers for him and his family. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery!
  6. I love to cook too but a lot of times I just make foods that are simple to make because I have 2 small kids who keep me pre-occupied with other things! LOL! You should start a food blog. Isn't that how Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) started too?
  7. Sounds yummy! This sounds yummy too! I cooked a pork shoulder today also. I cooked it with BBQ seasonings.
  8. About a 1 1/2 or 2 weeks ago, this same woman with the same exact story was in the same shopping center and approached my husband for money. I was on the phone with him at the time and could hear her "sobbing" and telling him that she needed gas money to go see a relative who had a heart attack and was at Kennestone Hospital. He said she would turn her tears on and off. I don't mind helping people if they really need it but it really bothers me that people lie to get money like this! There was a man and woman who looked to be in their 50's at the Walmart parking lot the other day with a sign saying something like "2 kids, no Xmas". When they realized they weren't at the "prime" location to attract money, they relocated in the parking lot. I didn't see anyone stopping to give them any money.
  9. kehale

    More Cake pics

    Another great job! She puts a lot of detail into her cakes. She really should go into business doing this. She is very talented and I can tell you're very proud of her.
  10. kehale


    Where did they steal the truck from anyway? I hope they've been caught.
  11. Such a cute baby! I LOVE the color of her eyes!
  12. Hope you feel better and that you'll be able to find a job soon!
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