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  1. Do you have any Portable Boomboxes with ipod dock?
  2. Hate Metro PCS, no service anywhere it seems. Does anyone know if I can use my metro PCS phone on the verizon prepaid plans?
  3. LPPT, where you staying down there? we are headed down probably mid july.
  4. are the driving positions class "A" Or Class "B"?
  5. why cant we name the place in the topic. How we suppose to know wher to go? Dont understand. we mention all kinda stores and places insidede topics all th etime. why the change on this one?\ I need to know where to get me some biscuits......
  6. Keep Preaching to the Masses!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q59ZcFguUOo
  7. restarts usually, but random times as well.
  8. " window pops up " DLL c\windows/system32\mscoree.dll is not a valid image Anybody tell me what this is and matbe how to fix it?
  9. NOt her, but I love John Berry. I think his version of "O Holy Night" is the best i have ever heard..... My link
  10. This place looks cool, but I just had Knee Replacement and just not for me quite yet.... Say this on Georgia Outdoors/PBS last week...... Restaurant looks pretty cool, but Heli Rides $350
  11. Any Ideas for a great place to celebrate my Wife Birthday. Looking for something different or off the wall! What y'all got?
  12. Westside Bank in Hiram is the BOMB! I love this smalltown bank. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get away from the "FEE HAPPY" megabanks......
  13. you can only play online with play money. I play on Ultimate bet and its up and running. Good luck.
  14. I guess with Wallace BBQ closed for the holiday, That would be the next place in line with the most money!!!!!!
  15. What a waste of time and money. worthless in my opinion. Bought one and took it back the next day. you get better pressure from a regular nozel and whole lot cheaper.
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