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  1. My daughter just got home from there a couple weeks ago , she too is in the army. Dont watch the news.I know I tried very hard while she was there to not watch. Most the time it is not correct anyways. If there is news you need to know you will be contacted by your FRG Leader . Always remember the OPSEC rule a way to keep potential adversaries from gaining information that could put you or your service member at risk. General information that may seem unimportant and spread out over time can be pieced together to tell the story of troop movements, missions and the identities of service members and families — a risk that could jeopardize mission security and your safety on the homefront.Do not post Specific dates Sharing specific return and arrival dates can help the enemy plan an attack. Instead of sharing specific dates over the phone or on social media, plan a way to exchange dates in “code” before your service member deploys or goes on a temporary duty assignment. Location Sharing your service member’s location or potential location jeopardizes personal and unit safety. Remind your service member to turn off the mapping device on their phone when deployed. Casualties If you receive information about casualties in your unit, do not post it on social media. Each Service has a procedure for notifying families in case of injury or for casualties. Ask your unit representative, like the Family Readiness Officer or ombudsman, if you have any questions We were always reminded about posting on social media , I pray for your soliders safe return
  2. I second that ! My daughter has lupus and that's who she see's really nice and good doctor.
  3. I'm so ready for some sunshine and warm weather . Seems my son's baseball practice has felt more like football lol . So just wandering are you the kind of parent who sits in the bleachers with a blanket , to watch your child play ball, or the parent who sits in their nice warm car ? Me, I'm either out on the field helping with the kids , staying warm by moving around, or sitting in the stands with my blanket watching. I think that if my child wants to be out there practicing then it's my duty to be out there too. but hopefully the cold is over after tonight and we wont have to worry about it anymore.
  4. I've been paying the 9.95 fee since I started for HD . Out Tv is HD but when we plug the HD cord from the box to the tv it doesnt work , been trying to get a new box for a couple of months
  5. Z-pak is the only thing that works whenever I get sick. I just got done taking it for a ear infection . Guess I will have to find something else to start taking
  6. We heard it in Burnt Hickory off Hwy 61N, we were at baseball practice and it shook the ground around 730pm last night
  7. My daughter is in town and wants to take her little brother to ride go carts but cant seem to find anywhere close by other than Andretti's Indoor Track in Roswell. Anyone have any suggestions . We used to go to Speed Zone all the time when it was by the mall .
  8. If you ever mail money orders through snail mail , make sure you send it priority mail so you can track it. Just went thru a nightmare of mailing a money order and it took 2 weeks to get there and they just got it today :angry2: I seriously was about to have a nervous breakdown, cause the moneyorder people said it would take 30 days to get a refund if the moneyorder was lost.
  9. Just thought I would share , If you are member of Groupon Todays Deal is for Paulding Bowling Center – Dallas ! Seven Games of Bowling with Rental Shoes, Popcorn, and Drinks for Two or Four (Up to 82% Off) from $15 Choose Between Two Options $15 for a bowling package for two (up to a $69.30 total value) $25 for a bowling package for four (up to a $138.60 total value) •Seven games of bowling (up to a $3.95 value/game/person) •Rental shoes (up to a $2.80 value each) •Medium popcorns (up to a $2.35 value each) •Medium drinks (up to a $1.85 value each)
  10. does anyone know how long it takes mail to get from here to knoxville, tennesee ? I mailed a payment last thursday , and they still havent received it. How long should I give it before mailing another payment ?
  11. Just noticed that there have been no post by Chris Metcalfe about the weather and was wondering what happened after getting the Severe Thunderstorm watch for paulding county today til 9pm
  12. Why do you think there are so many more gay people in the world today than 20 years ago ? Could be because of men like you ?
  13. I've watched american idol almost every season , and I have to say this season is the worst ever !! Bad Judges, Bad Contestants. ( I am a fan of Keith Urban , and I dont think he has much say in anything ). I plan on watching the boys tonight but if they dont put thru anyone good then that's the end for me. The girls last night were terrible.
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