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  1. This is my son Curry's motorcycle. 2004 Honda CRF 450R. Asking price is $2400.00. If interested call or text 770-823-3973
  2. I heard this early this morning and I have wondered all day!!! This saddens me deeply! I will keep all involved in my thoughts and prayers!
  3. Does anyone know the number to the Paulding county Sheriff Department? Thank You!
  4. I love this song!!! I heard an interview with him the other morning on my way to work about this song! It's about being heartbroken and the words are hysterical! Anyone who has had their heart broken has one time or another had these very thoughts that he singing about!!!! It's beautiful music and words of a broken heart! What do you think about it??????????????
  5. I did have fun, but tonight was the best when CC was fighting that BIG OLE CATFISH!
  6. Very sweet and a lot of thought to make that moment extra special!!!
  7. We have people in our neighborhood at this time every year selling books. We even have a no soliciting sign at the beginning of our subdivision but these college age kids come here every year. They are making money for their college education kind of like the kids do for AJC. I personally don't care for the door to door people because it scares me, how do we know they are for real?
  8. She will be fine. Once mine learned to turn over that's the only way he slept .
  9. Prayers for you and the Couch family.
  10. An old man with gray hair, jeans and plaid shirt out in front yard waving a gun around according to the scanner at 6:13 pm.
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